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Time Management for the Students and Workers

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Time management is the most important available resources in all human nature. Time is also a process of organizing and planning how to divide between specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to work smarter not harder, in order to get more work done in a short period of time even if time is tight and pressures of work is high. As a manager or supervisor failing time management can damage the effectiveness of work and also cause an increase of stress.

A good example of time management is planning and organizing a day to day schedule, which is to be sure that every meeting and tasks assigned by the companies or businesses are accomplished and targets are achieved. Practicing time management takes in a lot of effort to complete the work on a given time or date to satisfy a simple great work.

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Time Management for the Students and Workers
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Firstly, knowing how to manage time is an important task that requires more steps in order to reach specific goals.

The first step is to create a to-do list, which is the most effective time management strategy that leads to a successful work or career. Planning time wisely gives the person a fair idea of what needs to be done on a given time, and most likely to waste no time on unnecessary tasks. Many experiences a vast majority of problems that people have with time management are being distracted, often by social media and other electronic devices. It is best to restrain them from all kinds of distractions to be able to complete the work or assignments on time. For example, avoid answering any personal phone calls while working or place it somewhere out of arms reach and prevent sidetrack on any social media sites while on working hours which could be a time distracting. There are two categories internal time robbers and external time robbers. These Time robbers fall anywhere between total control and no control, Internal time robbers, they are self-generated and steal valuable time example, no daily planning- which will make you unorganized every day, not setting a goal to achieve for a short period of time and procrastination. As in external time robbers, these are outside influences or distractions that must be learned to control and being able to plan time wisely, e.g. interruptions, ineffective delegations, lack of self-discipline, meetings etc. A time robber is a task that takes up more valuable time that needs to be spent on other important factors. This includes unclear jobs, unnecessary meetings and over-committing yourself to tasks that can be done by other people within the work field.

Secondly, there are few of many types of interruptions that can be encountered on a daily basis. It is tough to handle or control the amount of interruption in the workplace, as many get drifted by any calls that gets in the way of their working hours. As an employer or employee, it is how you manage the time and giving a quick response to interruptions to be able to regain productivity on a faster rate. Especially with multiple of calls and gaging in other business matters, to consider the fact these are some of the issues that can keep you from attending to other services that are being assigned by your other colleges. Supervisors create their own to-do list in order to plan out the tasks carried out by the employees and ensuring that the tasks allocated is being carried out and also to recheck whether work in done accurately and done on time. Having a to-do list is an essential as a supervisor because it helps in keeping the workflow on a much faster rate and are much easier to organize the work or plan out your day to day work routine. Having a properly structured and thought-out list is a simple way to manage the time accordingly to your work that is been planned out.

Moving on, it is important to go over a job description with your boss as it can help ensure that the work description accurately reflects and suits the work you do in the company. An accurate job description will help reduce the conflicts and misunderstandings, and also ensures that you are paid fairly. A job description is a view of responsibilities and tasks that is required of you to be done particularly. Supervisors use weekly planning to adjust themselves to their scheduled meetings with employees or managers within their line of work. They use this weekly planning diary to keep them focused on how their work is to be done and when it needs to be done with the required deadline of when it is done. Having a planned out work and scheduled calendars reduce the amount of work that needs to be completed on a certain time and also saves up a full-time job with its pro-rated salary and benefits.

Furthermore., delegation is an important aspect to many organizations as it empowers each employee and team members. It is essential in sharing authority and duty amongst individuals within the organization. Without delegation, it is impossible or difficult to establish a formal organization. Some barriers to delegation are fear of losing importance, loss of control, reluctance to delegate, lack of motivation, and incompetence of subordinates. Though delegation enhances the efficiency of the organization by dividing work amongst organizational members, it is not free from obstacles.

Lastly, an effective delegation happens when people agree to responsibility if they want to learn to delegate a specific task or need to be clear on the delegation process. A successful delegation consists of the seven steps, firstly, you need to identify the outcome and get him/her to agree with the same desired outcome. Secondly, that is to determine the standards and guidelines of a successful job opportunity. Thirdly, helps them identify their resources that are available. Fourthly, make sure that the responsibility has a clear reward and consequences. Fifth, give time to them to practice and familiarize themselves with the work. Sixth, when they are ready to deal with the tasks, make sure to always stay out of their way and let their confidence take full responsibility for the given project assigned to them. Seventh, always ensure to budget a specific time to monitor their progress, and you can reward the delegatee for a great and well-done job accomplished.

To conclude the above-researched information, Time management is important to people, especially for the students and workers. It will help them to keep them right on time. In our opinion, the main key to success is the way they manage their time. If we cannot set our time approximately, we will end up doing our jobs chaotically and can lead to a bad health habit. You will also be able to avoid last-minute rushes and participate in a wider number of activities. People with good time management strategies are more likely to carry out each stage efficiently and effectively, producing higher-quality pieces of work.

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