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Tong Tong Gp Assignment

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Now, Hawaii sticks to the principles that: Take the customer’s demand as guidance and emphasis the difference of the functions of the products (Humid, 2013). Hawaii takes innovation as its core competitiveness. It is good at finding the potential market demands and makes a quick response. Thus, it can adjust to the market which changes rapidly by promoting new products constantly. In the competition with other companies on the NEE series router, Hawaii did not establish their product at the first time.

It makes a comprehensive survey, and finds out that different types of customers have different requirement of the router.

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Tong Tong Gp Assignment
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So, Hawaii upgrades the functions of its router. When Hawaii finally put its product in the market, it becomes a hit. The product’s practical and humankind function made it a great success. 4. 2 Pricing Mix Although the technology of Hawaii still lags behind other multinational impasses like Apple and Samsung, a low price strategy will eliminate the gap between each other.

As a Chinese company, Hawaii has a great advantage over its competitors on price strategy. Because the labor force in China are cheaper than those in western countries. Hussein’s low price strategy has been its magic weapon in a long time.

However, people now prefer high-performance products to the cheap ones. So, Hawaii has adjusted its price strategy. Hawaii use the target pricing to maximize profit and to make sure of its long-term survival and development. After Hawaii grows into a super large enterprise with unique arduous, its price strategy changes again. Now, Hawaii adds the competition- orientated pricing to its price strategy. Firstly, Hawaii compares its price with the competitors to positioning its price level. Secondly, Hawaii compares its quality with the competitors to find out reasons that lead to the different prices.

Finally, Hawaii determines its price of different products and adjusts its price according to the market. In the low-end product market, Hawaii promotes low price strategy to ensure the sales volume. However, Hawaii set high price of its high- tech products with advanced technology. 4. 3 Promotional Mix In order to expand the market share, companies will use various ways to promote their products. The substance of promotion is to pass on information to the customers. Compared with the other companies, Hussein’s promotional strategy is conservative to some extent.

Except for some terminal products, Hawaii rarely make advertisements on its products. But it does not mean that Hawaii pays no attention to the communication with the media. Keeping proper communication with the media is also one of the promotion methods. Hawaii rarely take the initiative to invite the media, but it will give a good cooperation or media interview requests. On the other side, Hawaii spend a lot of money on direct selling and exhibition. Hawaii choose these as its promotional strategy because it not only helps to promote their products, it provides an important platform to improve their enterprise image.

Not like the advertisements on TV or other media, people can touch and try the product before they buy it. What is more, Hawaii would introduce their new technology on the exhibition, which will help Hawaii appeal potential cooperators, and finally helps Hawaii to step on the international stage. What is more, besides the good market reputation, Hawaii attach importance to the culture infiltration. The project named “The road of oriental silk” (Change, 2012) allows people, especially its foreign customers to have a deeper understanding of Hawaii. 4. 4 Place Mix Directing sell has been the only marketing channel of Hawaii in a long time.

After stepping on the international stage, Hussein’s customer group grows and they need to provide targeted solutions for different customers. So, Hawaii start to build a comprehensive marketing platform called the Distributors supply channels mode (Hawaii Technologies Co. ,L. 2014). This new place strategy is eased on its sales and service partner, education partner, as well as the direct users. The distribution system includes the first level senior distributors, the subordinate regional agents, senior certification agents, industry integrators and so on.

All the agents enjoy the same preferential policies. And their profits all depend on their sales performance which will encourage them at the most extent. This place strategy helps to further the function of channel segment and helps to raise the industry coverage. In order to confirm that the supply channel works smoothly, Hawaii has established ‘the sunshine business plan” to encourage its salesman and “the warriors plan” targeted at its new cooperators. Hawaii also invest lots of money in agent training. Conclusion Hawaii has experienced three stages since 1987.

It was a small company in China when it was established, then it grows into an international company in 2006, and now, Hawaii is the biggest communications equipment supplier in the world. The reasons why Hawaii could be so successful can be concluded as follows: Firstly, Hawaii attaches great importance to the research and development. Secondly, Hawaii has super marketing power which is the key helping to open the international market. Thirdly, Hawaii has the advanced management system. Fourthly, Hawaii has a keen market insight and make great effort in finding the potential market demands.

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