Top Condom Mishaps: Have These Ever Happened to You? 

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You may be wondering:

How on earth does one have a condom mishap? All you do is put it on, right? Well, right.

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But not everyone does it correctly right away.

This article will expose many condom mistakes men experience every now and then, so you can be confident that you’ll always be condom-competent and ready for action.

Not minding the expiration due. It’s been said that a staggering 61% of men don’t always check their condom’s lifespan. Like drinking from a soda carton without checking how long it’s supposed to last, these rubbers deserve all your alertness as well. With a life cycle ranging from two to five years, condoms kept in coin purses and wallets become warm as a result of body heat.

In turn, this may shorten a condom’s lifetime—and if you’re not careful, maybe yours, too.

When a condom feels brittle or sticky, get rid of it.

Not looking for evident damage Almost 75% of guys don’t bother searching for holes or tears before putting on condoms, a report says according to the Kinsey Institute. Even when some men use their teeth to rip open the sachet, a lot of rubber users seem to just trust their gut as long as they know they’re wearing one. Not cool, everybody. Not cool.

Not talking about using condoms before the deed. About 60% of sexually active individuals claim that it doesn’t always work out smartly Not looking for evident damage when their partner lets out a condom at the last minute or right after foreplay. The more people discuss and impose condom usage, the smoother things will turn out when the mighty eruption happens.

Just when you think you’ve heard about every possible bedroom errors in the advent of safe sex, here’s something even crazier.

Putting it on in the middle of penetration. In a survey conducted, about 43% of young adults admitted to donning a condom only after glorious moments of penetration have been made. It’s best to remember that premature cum can be released even before the grand finale, making it possible to obtain an unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

Not putting it on correctly. It’s been discovered that a good 30% of guys wear it on the inside out and don’t realize off the bat that a condom worn like that is very likely to slip off. So, what’s the right way?

Your friendly rubber should resemble a ski cap with its bottom ends rolled upwards and not the other way around. The upper base of the condom should fit gracefully over your banana and the brim should easily unroll downwards reaching the shaft. If it ain’t like that, it ain’t correct.

Condoms slipping off. About 13% of men report a condom slippage during sex, saying that it didn’t fit right.

Remember that condoms come in a variety of styles and designs meant for various shapes of Joes. Know that only premium natural quality latex can protect against viruses that cause STI and other bodily beasts.

Still unsure what condom variant is best for you? Hollywood condoms has it all.

Ready to hear the worst condom mistake of all time?

Not using a condom. Time and again, the growing statistics of HIV and unwanted pregnancies only tell us one thing: Spare Yourself. Use. A. Condom.

In what universe is protection unsexy?

Don’t let the heat of rawness make you turn a blind eye to condom usage. Before telling yourself not to bother, think of the many things you’re going to lose when a sex-related illness falls upon you, and while parenthood is rewarding, nothing beats timing.

The list of common condom disasters is much longer than this! Have a condom accident of your own? Comment below!

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