Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Sample

In this essay I will give an account of my apprehension of Transactional Analysis. more normally known as ‘TA’ . and the Gestalt theory to reding. as discussed in faculty one. twelvemonth three of the Chrysalis Counselling class. I will so use these attacks. and show the methodological analysis to a old client instance survey. discoursing what I could hold achieved. I will offer a brief lineation of the instance in inquiry to let for clear apprehension of the presenting issue. and the possible results that could be approached with reding. I will see what I have learnt from this research. and what I could take into my future work. I will reason with a brief drumhead. First. I will get down by explicating the significance of Transactional Analysis ( TA ) . and the kineticss behind this. Eric Berne was the laminitis of ‘TA’ in the 1950’s. ‘TA’ is a theory of personality and societal psychological science within the humanistic tradition. ’ ( World Wide Web. functionalfluency. com/what is transactional analysis? ) Berne developed the theory and pattern of ‘TA’ as a method of psychotherapeutics.

‘Transactional analysis ( TA ) means the geographic expedition of all the constituent parts of psycho/social exchanges between people – in other words. happening out how people tick and what is traveling on between them. ’ ( World Wide Web. functionalfluency. com/TA’s name ) . The attack is integrative. and combines assorted facets of reding attacks. psychodynamic. humanistic and behaviorist. It looks at the cognitive consequence of human experience. It offers a model for understanding different personalities. It provides an apprehension of how people react. and inter-react. with each other. and how our heads work. TA is based on the impression that we have three parts. or ego-states. to our personality. and that these converse with one another in ‘transactions’ . When two people communicate. each exchange is a ‘transaction’ . Many of our jobs come from minutess which are unsuccessful. and this can be due mostly to the attitudes that are adopted at that clip. There are four theoretical foundations. There is the ego-state. books. minutess and games. We are compelled to play multiple parts every twenty-four hours depending on the state of affairs we find ourselves in. Our attitudes vary more of less consciously. depending on the state of affairs. and the people we encounter. This is the manner we express our personality. We each have three ego-states – Adult. Parent and Child. and we use these in changing signifiers throughout our normal day-to-day lives. even within ourselves internally.

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Within each self-importance we besides have ‘sub-sections’ . If we present in the ‘adult ego’ . we are being rational. sensible and self-asserting. without seeking to command. or respond sharply. much like the ‘ideal self’ would be. Whereas. if we are showing a ‘parent ego’ we could either be fostering. caring or concerned. or instead commanding. and possibly reassigning beliefs. or values. with a grade of ‘force’ . If we present a ‘childlike ego’ we could be demoing a ‘natural’ . ‘little professor’ or ‘adaptive child’ attack. ‘All three facets of the personality have a high endurance and populating value. and it is merely when one or the other of them disturbs the healthy balance that analysis and reorganization are indicated. Otherwise each of them. Parent. Adult or Child is entitled to equal regard and has its legitimate topographic point in a full and productive life’ . ( Berne E ( 2010 ) : Games People Play page 27 ) Our minutess are how we relate and interact with each other. Understanding these “transactions” and decoding them. analyzing our behavior. our words. and our feelings. can enable us to avoid going entrapped in a peculiar type of reaction. and invariably play backing the same scene.

Knowing ourselves better. and how others feel about us. can forestall us from falling into traps. and from often reproducing the same mistakes. and live overing the same state of affairss in our relationships with others. The book is the preset manner that we behave. We can change these books by positively altering the manner that we behave. The game is based on our alteration from Parent. to adult. to child within given environments and state of affairss. TA is to travel toward job work outing. as opposed to avoidance. or passiveness. remedy as an ideal. instead than simply doing advancement and larning new picks. The end is to beef up the grownup province. Second. I will explicate my apprehension of the Gestalt theory. Gestalt therapy is a signifier of depth psychology originally developed by Laura and Fritz Perls. and Paul Goodman in the fortiess. Gestalt therapy suggests that patients must get at decisions and consciousness about themselves. for themselves. Gestalt therapy works through synergistic observation. A Gestalt healer would maintain path of gestural communicating as a manner of looking at the whole individual. non simply the topic the individual discusses. It is good for those who find it hard to let go of their emotions. ‘Gestalt theory does non trust on survey of underlying psychological constituents. but on what the completed psychological ‘shape’ is and does’ .

( World Wide Web. gestalttheory. com )

The procedure is based upon the relationship between the healer and the patient. and the healer enterprise to convey the client into the present minute. the here and now. ‘Gestalt is an existential/humanistic attack to understanding what it is to be human. It regards the person as a entirety of head. organic structure. emotions and spirit who experiences world in a manner alone to themselves’ . ( World Wide Web. gestaltcentre. co. United Kingdom ) The past influences the determinations we make here and now. and in Gestalt therapy the yesteryear would merely be used if brought frontward into the present. as a means to work out the job that presents today. The client needs to accept themselves wholly. and address the issues that have influenced their past determinations and actions. and this in bend leads them to a full consciousness of themselves. The development starts after the single acknowledges hurting of the yesteryear. and merely when the individual becomes free from fright and jitteriness. It is common in Gestalt therapy for the healer to acquire the client to speak to an empty chair. The client can so show their concern and convey their unsolved issues from the yesteryear into the present. without really turn toing the individual that they have the issue with.

The aim of this therapy is. to assist the individual to obtain a greater independency in their actions. and the ability to confront up to the obstructions that prevent them developing of course. The thought is to replace the construct of incrimination. with duty. Gestalt healers will typically use five inquiries all get downing with ‘What do you’… . make. experience. privation. anticipate and avoid. This increases the patient/client’s self-awareness. and understanding and helps them to set sense to these replies. and finally to set their yesteryear ‘behind them’ . The instance survey that I would wish to utilize is a lady who hits 40 old ages old at the terminal of this twelvemonth. She has ne’er been married. and has no kids. She would in a heartfelt way love both. but has had issues with relationships. and seems to choose spouses that continue to hold similarities that make her household feel. and go. alienated from her. However. she can non see the issues that her household have with her spouse. and the household does non openly voice the issues that they have. but instead they choose to disregard her. or handle her with disdain. and presume that she will get by if they ignore. or eschew her. She has been badly damaged emotionally by her family’s responses. in peculiar with her parents. who she felt would ever be at that place for her. whatever her determinations in life.

Due to issues with a long term spouse in recent old ages that went incorrectly. she was left with immense debt jobs. and had to travel to her parents and inquire for support. to enable her to pay back the debt. which they provided. by leting her to travel back into the household place. without paying any rent. Her parents were clearly relieved that she had made the determination to go forth her spouse. and at that clip supported her. nevertheless her new relationship appears to hold her parents upset. and ill at easiness with her. There is a possibility that the parents believe this adult male will handle her in a similar manner to the other spouse. and the new adult male has no occupation to back up her financially. go forthing her parents worried that she may fall into a debt state of affairs once more. She has two younger sisters. both with kids. one of which is separated from her hubby. and this sister will non talk with my lady. This evolved from issues with her husband’s jokes. and my lady stating her sister what she had discovered.

The sister did non desire to hear the accusals and fought for her matrimony. to the hurt of her relationship with my lady. her sister. Subsequently they have split up. but she still refuses to pass on with my lady. seemingly faulting her for the farewell. My lady is really happy in her new relationship and has. in fact. got engaged. with the position to marrying in the approaching months. She is besides actively seeking for a babe. This state of affairs is multi-faceted and complex. My lady has issues with her parents. and her sisters. which are non being openly discussed or resolved. The household do non like her chosen spouse. and this is hurtful to my lady. She is affronted that her parents believe she is silly adequate to follow the same way as she had antecedently taken with her first spouse. As they will non openly discourse all facets of the issues. my lady is happening it hard to travel frontward with her relationship comfortably. and with felicity. Even though her household are handling her poorly she still has a strong emotional tie. and does non desire the strife. In Gestalt therapy the therapist’s function is to bring forth a infinite for the client to experiment for herself in a sufficiently protected atmosphere. so if I had been in a place to use the Gestalt therapy to this lady I would hold approached it with her by first acquiring her to convey all of her past issues with her household into the present minute.

I would split these into separate countries. her female parent. her male parent and so each of her two sisters. I would so look at each country separately with her. and discourse what she would wish to alter with each of the presenting issues. Generally. in a relationship with another individual. we are each topic to a figure of struggles of involvement. so at that place has to be a balance between our demands. and the demands of others. We would necessitate to look at these demands and demands and discourse what she feels would be a sensible via media. I would guarantee that she keeps to the present tense. and speaks in the first individual at all times. We would discourse how she handles the issues within herself. and with them. how it makes her experience at the clip. and afterwards. what she wants to accomplish from the brush ( s ) . what she by and large expects to be the result of the brush. what fluctuations on the result might be. and besides what she. or they. consciously chooses to avoid. She needs to be encouraged to convey out any concealed feelings.

Once she has openly admitted all of these things. it may be possible for her to analyze her state of affairs. go cognizant of her feelings. and to aerate her concerns. ideas. and issues. in the safe curative environment. speaking to her parents or sisters hypothetically through the ‘empty chair’ thought. She could explicate how she feels. and what she wants from them. without fright of any recoil. We could besides acquire her to trade chairs and position her ain claims and feelings. and research how she feels about this. and how she would react to these. We could besides research her organic structure signals. her position and other physical esthesiss. such as her external respiration beat. to heighten her consciousness. We would besides necessitate to look at the emotional consequence that this state of affairs is holding on her. Such issues can frequently do great emotional disturbance and this would necessitate to be handled carefully and gently. She needs to be cognizant of how body linguistic communication can impact a state of affairs. and she needs to let go of negative and harmful internal messages that she harbours. We could so discourse whether she felt that her attack needed to be modified. or so whether her petitions were sensible. and how she may near person. in a non-aggressive mode. to acquire her point across. and to acquire a favorable alteration to her state of affairs.

This would give her bravery. self-awareness and belief in her positions. and may assist her to use that process or procedure into a existent state of affairs with her household. She needs to understand that she has a personal duty to this state of affairs. and has to take control of what is go oning. If nevertheless. this lady had come to me and I chose to use a ‘TA’ attack to assist her to better her present state of affairs. ab initio. I would see each facet of her issue separately with her. We would necessitate to look at the showing issue ( s ) . and how each party interacts with the issue ( s ) . As her parents appear to be the primary cause for her concern. we should get down by looking at the relationship between the lady and her parents. We could so travel onto her sisters’ . and the farther issues. later. We need to place the self-importance province. and so measure and better the manner it functions. We need to recognize the games being played. and assist to halt them. and better what is. at the minute. a dysfunctional life book. My lady has deep rooted emotional ties with her parents.

Her parents have concerns about her relationship with her new adult male. They fear that she is traveling to fall for the same type of character as antecedently. and this had ended in a detrimental manner. both financially and emotionally. so they are looking to protect her. They don’t nevertheless openly portion their feelings with her. and nor does she with them. We need to look at what province each party adopts when they meet. and we need to look at how the lady can alter that province in order for both parties to be able to discourse with each other whilst in ‘Adult’ manner. to derive the most positive result. Exploration of communicating and contact between ‘the healer and the client’ is indispensable to let the lady to recognize where she is sitting in this relationship right now. and so how she can do the alterations she requires to better it. We need to understand and research what triggers a ‘parent’ or ‘child’ province within the lady. or her parents. Does she every bit assign duty for the state of affairs between her and her parents? Is she seeking to be in control?

Does she see herself as non being every bit good as her sisters. possibly. for illustration. because she has non given her parents’ grandchildren? We should research what is go oning. is it repeating. how does it get down? How does it do her feel. and does it of all time change. or stop? Once we have established a few inside informations we may be able to see how this has developed. and how the lady can see nearing the state of affairs otherwise. She could see inquiring for others in the household to step in. and aid. Appropriate support demands to be considered. and so. when this is decided. the lady needs to take the actions required. It may besides be appropriate for her to finish an Egogram. This would demo the changing strengths of her self-importance provinces at any one clip. This could be a utile index for her to reexamine. at a ulterior day of the month. the alterations she may do. and how those places may change. and for her to understand what she has achieved. The first measure is to recognize the games being played out. halt them and replace them with direct and honest interactions.

As the healer I would promote her to be honest with herself. and with her household. about what she wants to acquire from this. This may assist to promote thoughts on how she can discourse and decide some of the issues that present themselves. It is indispensable that we set up a contract between us which will specifically province what is desired. why she wants to do a alteration. and with whom. and what I am traveling to work on with her. She besides needs to see an terminal day of the month. or completion. There needs to be clear ends set that are come-at-able. motivational and realistic and they need to be written in a positive format. The lady needs to cognize that she has permission to alter. and that she should non hold fright for seeking to accomplish these ends. After all. the primary focal point of transactional analysis is to authorise people with the ability to accomplish psychological wellbeing. In my limited experience as a pupil counselor it seems that the Gestalt theoretical account is slightly dated. and is non normally adopted in reding environments in the same manner that it would hold been some forty old ages ago.

However. there are some facets of this therapy. for illustration the empty chair. that could be utile in certain state of affairss. as with my lady and the issue with non-communication with her parents and sisters. She would be able to let go of her feelings without fright of requital from her household. and this could give her a sense of alleviation. and perchance even a sort of closing. Transactional analysis. is a complex therapy. but seems really effectual and easy to administrate. I feel that the honest and direct attack. and assisting the client to understand where they are at and why. is a good construction that is positive and unfastened in its presentation and consequences.

It is besides synergistic with other signifiers of therapy. such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. which focuses on traveling the client frontward and making so in a constructive and positive mode. In drumhead. with my lady I believe that a combination of these two attacks would hold helped her significantly to come to footings with where she is at. and where she needs to take for. I think she would profit from an honorable duologue with her parents in order for her to set their frights and concerns into context. and besides to be able to discourse this with them. and perchance still their frights. Traveling frontward with my preparation and working with my clients. I would earnestly see utilizing ‘TA’ in my work. particularly given the unfastened and direct format that it presents. It seems to acquire to the nucleus of the issue with the client. and helps them to work through their issue. and positively act upon it.


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