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Translation Techniques

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BorrowingBorrowing is the pickings of words straight from one linguistic communication into another without interlingual rendition. Borrowed words are frequently printed in italics when they are considered to be “foreign” . E. g. Cafeteria ???????? – supermarket ???? ?????? – drama station ???? ?????? – lorry ???? – android ??????? Calque.

A loan translation or loan interlingual rendition is a phrase borrowed from another linguistic communication and translated literally word-for-word. E. g. Antibiotic ???? ???? – province university ????? ?????? – encephalon drain ???? ??????? – sacrificial lamb ??? ???? – Poet Laureate ???? ??????? Literal Translation.

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Translation Techniques
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A word-for-word interlingual rendition can be used in some linguistic communications and non others dependent on the sentence construction.

In actual interlingual rendition. the denotive significance of words is taken as if straight from the dictionary. but TL grammar is respected. E. g. I like tennis. ??? ?????? – bad intelligence ????? ???? – The likes of these things have much demand now. ??? ??? ??????? ????? ????? ???? ???? Oblique Translation Techniques: –

Oblique Translation Techniques are used when the structural or conceptual elements of the beginning linguistic communication can non be straight translated without changing significance or upsetting the grammatical and stylistics elements of the mark linguistic communication.

Oblique interlingual rendition techniques include:

TranspositionTransitionReformulation or EqualityAdaptationCompensationTranspositionThis is the procedure where parts of address change their sequence when they are translated It is in a sense a displacement of word category. Grammatical constructions are frequently different in different linguistic communications. E. g. Red card ??? ???? ( the sequence of adjectival followed by a noun changed ) Black auto ????? ????? –

I ate an apple. ???? ????? ( The topographic point of the verb changed ) – I visited Egypt ??? ??? ModulationModulation consists of utilizing a phrase that is different in the beginning and mark linguistic communications to convey the same thought. E. g. Birds of plume flock together ?????? ??? ??????? ??? Every Canis familiaris has his twenty-four hours. ??? ???? – piece of bar ??? ??? I don’t have stomach for this. ?? ?????? ?????? Reformulation or Equality.

Here you have to show something in a wholly different manner. for illustration when interpreting parlances or advertisement mottos. The procedure is originative. but non ever easy. E. g. I hate hoops. ??? ????? ???? ???? ??????? – She is ugly. ?? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? Adaptation.

Adaptation occurs when something specific to one linguistic communication civilization is expressed in a wholly different manner that is familiar or appropriate to another linguistic communication civilization. It is a displacement in cultural environment. E. g. She was swimming have oning a hot Bikini. ???? ???? ?????? ????? ????? Compensation.

In general footings compensation can be used when something can non be translated. and the significance that is lost is expressed someplace else in the translated text. E. g. ????? “ let out a howl as adult females do at times of great joy. ” ??????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ????????? “ You can set it on and scare my blue small brothers. ”

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