Turner, Joseph Mallord William Essay

Turner, John Mallord William ( 1775-1851 ) . One of the finest landscape creative persons was J.M.W. Turner, whose work was exhibited when he was still a adolescent. His full life was devoted to his art. Unlike many creative persons of his epoch, he was successful throughout his calling.

Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in London, England, on April 23, 1775. His male parent was a Barber. His female parent died when he was really immature. The male child received small schooling. His male parent taught him how to read, but this was the extent of his instruction except for the survey of art.

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By the age of 13 he was doing drawings at place and exhibiting them in his male parent ‘s store window for sale.

Turner was 15 old ages old when he received a rare award — one of his pictures was exhibited at the Royal Academy. By the clip he was 18 he had his ain studio. Before he was 20 print Sellerss were thirstily purchasing his drawings for reproduction.

He rapidly achieved a all right repute and was elected an associate of the Royal Academy. In 1802, when he was merely 27, Turner became a full member. He so began going widely in Europe.

Venice was the inspiration of some of Turner ‘s finest work. Wherever he visited he studied the effects of sea and sky in every sort of conditions. His early preparation had been as a topographic draughtsman. With the old ages, nevertheless, he developed a picture techni

que all his ain. Alternatively of simply entering factually what he saw, Turner translated scenes into a light-filled look of his ain romantic feelings.

As he grew older Turner became an flake. Except for his male parent, with whom he lived for 30 old ages, he had no close friends. He allowed no 1 to watch him while he painted. He gave up go toing the meetings of the academy. None of his familiarities saw him for months at a clip. Turner continued to go but ever entirely. He still held exhibitions, but he normally refused to sell his pictures. When he was persuaded to sell one, he was dejected for yearss.

In 1850 he exhibited for the last clip. One twenty-four hours Turner disappeared from his house. His housekeeper, after a hunt of many months, found him concealing in a house in Chelsea. He had been badly for a long clip. He died the undermentioned twenty-four hours — Dec. 19, 1851.

Turner left a big luck that he hoped would be used to back up what he called “ decaying creative persons. ” His aggregation of pictures was bequeathed to his state. At his petition he was buried in St. Paul ‘s Cathedral.

Although known for his oils, Turner is regarded as one of the laminitiss of English water-color landscape picture. Some of his most celebrated plants are Calais Pier, Dido Building Carthage, Rain, Steam and Speed, Burial at Sea, and The Grand Canal, Venice.

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