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Twelfth Night: Summary

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Twelfth Night: SummaryAct Onescene oneThis scene introduces us to the Duke, who is in love with a girl calledOlivia. His servant goes to ask her wether or not she would like to go out withthe Duke. The message back from her servant is that Olivia will not be seen inpublic for seven years because of the death of her brother.

Scene TwoAfter a shipwreck, Viola finds herself of Illyria, a coastal town. Shebelieves that her brother has been killed in the shipwreck, and that she willnever get off this island.

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After learning about the Duke, she arranges with thecaptain of the ship to disguise herself and to serve the Duke. He may then fallin love with her.

Scene ThreeSir Toby and Maria are talking to each other about Olivia’s decision tomorn for seven years. They are also talking about Sir Toby’s drinking and friend,Sir Andrew, a foolish knight that has been brought to the castle as a suitor toOlivia.

Sir Andrew says he is going to leave, but Sir Toby persuades him not to,as Olivia is not interested in the Duke. Maria leaves, and Andrew and Toby dance.

Scene FourViola, already disguised as Cesario (she is referred to as Cesarioinstead of Viola throughout the play), has already became a servant to the Duke.

Her first job is to try and persuade Olivia to go out with the Duke. Viola hasfallen in love with the Duke.

Scene FiveMaria and Feste the clown are talking when Olivia enters with Malvolio.

She has a conversation with Feste, and he gets the better of her. Mariaannounces that a young man’ (Cesario) is here to see Olivia. She says that ifhe is from the Duke, she will not see him. Maria returns and says the young manwill not take no for an answer, so Olivia meets him with Maria at her side.

Cesario is very convincing about the Duke’s love, but Olivia is not unstuck. Shedismisses Cesario, and when by her self, shows that she is in love with him’.

She sends Malvolio with a ring Cesario apparently left behind, and said heshould return tomorrow.

Act TwoScene OneSebastian, Violia’s identical twin brother comes to shore after theshipwreck, saved by Antonio. He wants to be Sebastian’s servant, but he saysthat he will make it to the Duke’s court by himself.

Scene TwoMalvolio runs after Cesario to give him the ring. He denies that he gaveit to her, and so Malvolio puts it on the ground in front of him. He (Viola)think that Olivia is in love with him’.

Scene ThreeSir Toby and Sir Andrew are talking loudly. Feste joins them and sings aromantic song for them. The other two then join in. Maria comes down and tellsthem that they are making to much noise. Malvolio then enters and tells Sir Tobythat if he doesn’t stop his drinking, he will be banned from the house by Olivia,his niece. He then leaves, as does Feste. Maria makes up a plan that she willleave a note that talks of Olivia’s love for Malvolio.

Scene FourThe Duke, still lovesick calls for some music. Feste arrives and sings alovesick song back to him. He leaves, and Cesario and the Duke talk. Cesario istold to go back and try to woo Olivia.

Scene FiveIn this scene, the note is set for Malvolio. Sirs Toby and Andrew andFabian who hates Malvolio, watch him behind a tree. As Malvolio walks into thescene he is thinking what it would be like to be married to Olivia. He finds thenote, and goes to do what the note says, which is to dress in yellow crossgarter stockings.

Act ThreeScene OneIn this scene, Cesario again goes to Olivia. She talks to Feste and SirsToby and Andrew. Olivia then comes out and confesses her love for Cesario. He’then runs away as Olivia continues to pledge her love.

Scene TwoIn this scene, Sir Andrew is attempting to leave the castle, as hebelieves that Cesario has made more progress towards the love of Olivia. SirToby and Fabian persuade him to stay, and convince sir Andrew to challengeCesario to a fight. Maria then enters and tells them all about Malvolio.

Scene ThreeAntonio and Sebastian go to an Inn and Antonio gives Sebastian his pursein case he wants to buy something. Antonio reveals that he is in trouble withthe Duke.

Scene FourOlivia is pondering how she will invite Cesario to her house. Malvolioenters, and he is wearing yellow cross -gartered stockings. He seems to thinkthat he and Olivia have some sort of understanding. He then leaves to letCesario in. Meanwhile, Sir Andrew shows Maria, Sir Toby and Fabian his letter toCesario. They urge him on.

Sir Toby delivers the challenge to Cesario, and he’ is very worried.

Sir Toby tells Cesario that Andrew is the best fighter in the country. He tellsAndrew the same about Cesario. They start to fight. Antonio sees this, and,mistaking Cesario for Sebastian fights for him’. He is then arrested by thepolice. He asks Cesario for his purse back, and Cesario doesn’t know what he issaying. He then calls Cesario Sebastian, which gives her/him a hope. Toby andAndrew see this, and are disgusted.

Act FourScene OneFeste goes to collect Cesario, and sees Sebastian. He takes him toOlivia’s house mistaking him. When he gets there, Andrew hits Sebastian, alsomistaking him. The latter then smacks Andrew. Toby draws his sword, and isquickly beaten. Olivia comes out and shouts at Toby. She takes Sebastian in side,and he is in love with her.

Scene TwoMalvolio is locked up in the dungeon, as everyone thinks he is mad.

Feste, dresses up as Sir Topaz the Curate, and goes and teases Malvolio. Thelatter asks for pen and ink, but Feste refuses. He then leaves.

Scene ThreeSebastian, although concerned about Antonio, cant get over Olivia’sbehaviour. She then appears with a priest, and asked Sebastian to marry her,mistaking him for Viola. He agrees.

Act FiveScene OneThis long scene brings into conclusion all of the plots and the sub-plots. Feste and Fabian are discussing a letter, when the Duke enters to courtOlivia in person. Antonio enters with his guards. Viola(Cesario) points out thatwas the man that saved her from Andrew. The Duke recognises Antonio for his pasttroubles as a pirate, and demands an explanation. He says that he and Sebastianwere inseparable for the last three months. Cesario has been working for theDuke for the last three months, and so Antonio is mad. At this time, Oliviaenters and calls Viola tardy, and rejects the Duke’s love. Viola and the Duketurn to go, but Olivia calls Viola husband. The priest backs this up. SirsAndrew and Toby enter, and say Cesario beat them. Sebastian enters and tellsAntonio not to worry, and all stare at the twins before them. Viola andSebastian are reunited. The Duke pleads his love to Viola, as Olivia is married.

Feste enters with Malvolio’s letter, and Malvolio is called for. Malvolio callsOlivia a liar for writing that letter. She says that it was written by Maria.

Fabian confesses the plot to Malvolio, and says that Sir Toby is married toMaria. Malvolio vows his revenge on ‘The whole lot of you’, and Feste finishesthe scene and play with a song.

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