Uniform of Great American Heroes

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The uniform of the U.S Army is a symbol that represents honor and tradition. The honor that is carried through this uniform is the very honor that many men and many women before us have held. The blood, sweat, and tears, the sacrifice. The brave men and women who sacrificed their life in this uniform to keep freedom free. There is no other uniform in the world that would hold as much high honor as the uniform of the U.S Army. From D-day to Operation Iraqi Freedom, these great Americans worn the uniform, the honorable uniform.

There wouldn’t be honor without tradition. The various uniform styles of the U.S Army have been an ongoing tradition for as long as this great country has been born. When it all started back in 1775 or to maybe colonial times, American army would try to base their uniforms off the military clothing of other militaries while incorporating some of America’s fashion ideas into it. From the Bluecoats during the revolutionary war and the white linens during the War of 1812 to the pinks and greens of WWII to today’s modern combat and garrison uniform, the OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern). There’s a lot of history and traditions behind these uniforms which makes it so important.

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In the Army, we got to make sure, us as a soldier maintains the honor and tradition of the uniform. It would be highly disrespectful if somebody were to tarnish these uniforms. This is why standards and regulations were set for the U.S Army uniform. The Army goes by a motto, “One Team, One Fight!” Which means in my opinion, nobody should be an individual, never mind look like one either. Remember in the army, everybody is on the same team, one team. Being on one team consists of wearing the same uniform. So if someone is out of regulation, what does that mean? They’re not a part of the team?

If someone is ever out of order and not squared or not within the proper regulations under AR-670-1, then square your battle away, nobody should be looking different. It doesn’t matter how small the deficiency looks, it’s still the army uniform, there should be no deficiencies, the uniform should look perfect every time you put it on. No dirt, holes, mold, or any broken parts should be on the uniform. If that’s the case then you need to go either clean, sew, or buy a new uniform as soon as possible. Stuff like that will not be taken lightly in this profession. You are treated like professionals so act as such. Having good regulations and standards on the uniform is a good way to keep everyone in check, it ensures that everybody maintains good discipline in the very professional career field they have chose.

Almost every great American hero has worn this very uniform, so don’t forget the honor this uniform symbolizes so treat as it is something valuable or precious. Make sure it gets the proper cleaning and grooming so it is up to standard. Always know how the uniform needs to look on you and needs to be worn, by the regulation, wearing it the traditional way like many soldiers throughout the past and present have worn it.

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