Unit 201: Child and young person development

Unit 201: Child and young person development

Assessment 2.1

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A) Background
There are many factors that can influence a child’s background. Children from different countries who change schools may find it difficult to adapt to different teaching methods. Children who come from deprived backgrounds are less likely to achieve well in school as parents find it difficult to manage there needs ,also children who are a different race can be targeted for being a different colour.

B) Health
Health can effect all kinds of children from asthma to very serous illness that may effect their physical development and effect their education as they might lose long periods from school and this could also effect their ability to make friends.

C) Environment
There are many factors that can influence a child’s environment. Parents that are going though a separation,divorce can be very stressful for the child. Having numerous siblings can also have a impact on a child as the child could be lacking attention within the home . Bereavement or illness in the family which can be very traumatic for the whole family.

Assessment 2.2

The importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development has a range of factors ,there background ,health and the environment which they are all growing up in .It is important to know and understand these factors to be able to recognise to any concerns that arise . Teachers and teaching assistants observe children in there care so it is important that all staff are trained with skills to recognise and respond accordingly to any concerns and should know about guidelines . Reorganisation is very important because if a child falls back on there work than all areas of development may be affected . The sooner any issues are raised the sooner the child or young person can be monitored the sooner treatment is started the better the outcome for the child or young person.


If a child has a hearing problem this would influence their development ,it could effect their speech and communication and make them feel they are unable to join in with other children .

A child who needs glasses may affect development because they be a poor reader of slow to copy of the blackboard .

A child who has been playing or standing alone during playtime for a few days may find their development may become affected as the child maybe unwilling to work with the same children within the classroom and effect there work.

Responding to concerns like these has to be done in a professional manner ,this means that you should not talk to the parent / carer or the child. You would have to make a note of exactly what was seen or heard , why this was a concern to you. Then you need to approach the class teacher with your concern.

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