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The student has discovered that God is love and that God’s love is at the heart of every Christian’s faith. They believe that God’s love is everlasting and unfailing, and that God gave us the power and free will to do whatever we want with God’s gifts. However, the student is puzzled by the presence of suffering, poverty, and death in the world, and questions why God allows some people to suffer more than others. Despite these questions, the student believes that God has a plan for all of us and challenges themselves to trust God’s teachings and have faith in those around them.

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God is love and the source of all that is good. God’s love is at the core of every believer’s faith, as it is unconditional, eternal, and unchanging. To demonstrate his immense love for us, God sent his only son, Jesus, to be our savior. Additionally, God’s love can be seen in the creation of all things good. We have been given the power and free will to utilize these gifts as we choose. As Christians, we firmly believe in the everlasting and unwavering nature of God’s love. It is our own choice that separates us from this love, as God allows us to decide whether we accept his teachings.

Although I acknowledge that God is responsible for all things good, I am perplexed by the presence of suffering, poverty, and death in our world today. I try to understand the purpose behind these experiences in each person’s life. While I know we all have a mission before our time ends, uncertainty surrounds the exact nature of this mission. The recent loss of my loved ones has led me to ask many questions: why does God choose to take young teenagers instead of elderly patients in hospitals? If God loves everyone equally, why do some people suffer more than others? This difference in suffering confuses me. However, I firmly believe that God does not deliberately cause suffering because His loving nature and our free will limit His control over events. I know there must be a plan for each of us and that everything happens for a reason. But there are still moments when I question God’s thoughts and intentions.

Despite not fully comprehending, I am compelled to embrace all of God’s teachings and seek deeper understanding. This entails asking more personal questions and exploring uncharted answers. I have grown in my ability to question my faith, recognizing that it is permissible to do so. Nevertheless, I must continue to contemplate and depend on the lessons imparted to me. Discerning God’s plan for my life proves challenging; nevertheless, my faith urges me to trust in His teachings and place confidence in those who surround me.

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