Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper Perhaps Essay

Vincent Van Gogh Essay, Research Paper

Possibly the lone manner to extricate, for yourself, the existent Vincent Van Gogh from the creative activity of so many others, is to analyze the great mass of work he has left behind. Locally, his art is on show at museums including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and New York & # 8217 ; s, Metropolitan Museum, and Museum of Modern Art. In add-on to his art, some 600 of Van Gogh & # 8217 ; s letters survive, all translated into English.

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Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper Perhaps
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Most are written to Vincent & # 8217 ; s beloved and devoted brother, Theo, his exclusive protagonist all his grownup life, both financially and emotionally. Vincent & # 8217 ; s correspondence describes a anguished life. With a passion for life great as immature adult male of all time had, he failed miserably in love, friendly relationship, calling, and in the three relationships to which he was most devoted ; his Genevan curate male parent, his church, and his God. In 1880, at the age of 26, Van Gogh suffered his first nervous dislocation.

After a period of despairing roving, he wrote to his brother, & # 8220 ; In malice of everything, I shall lift once more: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great disheartenment, and I will travel on with my drawing. & # 8221 ; Vincent would turn that which had caused him so much agony, his overfilled bosom, toward canvas.

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period of 10 old ages, most of which he was badly, Van Gogh would bring forth some 800 pictures and a similar figure of drawings. His early work depicts low topics, provincials largely, with a soft manus that at times challengers his graven image, Jean Francois Millet. His in-between old ages are portrayals, room scenes, and “still lifes” of flowers with such strength it seems the creative person had captured a piece of the Sun and used in his roof of the mouth. In his last old ages, after acknowledging himself into sanatorium in St. Remy, the Sun went inside Vincent, and he created possibly his finest work. No creative person with so much belief in himself, of all time endured such failure. Vincent Van Gogh sold merely one picture during his life clip. He suffered from an unwellness characterized by legion onslaughts of depression. And he suffered from doomed fortune.

When lucid, in good wellness, Vincent Van Gogh could bring forth a chef-d’oeuvre in a individual twenty-four hours. To our loss, those yearss were excessively few. Heartbroken to larn that his brother was sick, and enduring in his concern, Van Gogh took his ain life at the age of 37. He would be a load no more. A hundred old ages following the decease of Vincent, and his brother Theo, who was buried beside him a twelvemonth subsequently, his picture of Iris & # 8217 ; s would sell for a record monetary value of $ 75,000,000.

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