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Vision of the Future of Nursing

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Vision of the Future of Nursing In order for us to see a vision of the future of nursing we must look at nursing’s past. By looking at one of nursing most notable for leaders, Florence Nightingale, we can see where the foundations of nursing research, theory, and roles have been birthed and expanded to what we see today. Florence Nightingale, as the first nurse scientist- theorist, used statistics in her research to improve the standards of care for her patients.

(Chatty & Black, Chapter 2, 2011). Today we call it evidence based practice.

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Vision of the Future of Nursing
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Her theory of environment has since birthed many other nursing theories such as Jean Watson theory of caring that many institutions have adopted today. Florence Nightingale is a role model for nurses everywhere. Evidence-based practice today uses the same principals as in Florence Nightingales day. Evidence-based practice ensures quality nursing care with a foreseeable outcome. Using evidence-based practice helps to build trust and collaboration with other medical professionals to improve the quality and satisfaction of patient care.

The American Nurses Association uses evidence based practice as its standard of care. (“Nursing World”, 2013). When we continually apply that research to our practice we are actively using our critical thinking skills for continued advancement of positive patient outcomes. With this result we can see that evidence-based practice will continue to be utilized in the future of nursing as a sign of professionalism as well as a patient care standard. “Most of the changes in nursing are in response to changes in society and in the healthcare system. Blats, K. K. & Hayes, J. S. (2011). Nursing roles will continue to advance with increased responsibility requiring the need for higher and more specialized education for nurses. There are six societal influences that are predicted to impact the future of nursing

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