My Future Nursing Profession: Why I Want to Be a Nurse?

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I have multiple reasons for choosing the healthcare field, but the most significant is my compassion for those who suffer. Additionally, I have a strong desire for learning and job security. In this piece, I will explain how these three driving reasons are intertwined through my dedication to the healthcare field. Moreover, as a nurse, it is crucial to possess qualities such as competence, responsibility, compassion, love, dependability, empathy, joy, and comfort. A nurse should prioritize the promotion of both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Being a nurse goes beyond giving medications and performing procedures. It entails being present for patients, having meaningful conversations, and showing compassion. Seeing patients as individuals instead of just cases has significant benefits. This approach promotes attentiveness and empathy towards the patient’s well-being, ultimately leading to positive effects on their healing process. In hospitals or nursing homes, patients often experience feelings of vulnerability, shame, or embarrassment.

When individuals are hospitalized without any visitors, it is important for nurses to offer reassurance and establish a comforting atmosphere. Additionally, being a nurse holds greater significance to me than simply earning an income; it entails caring for patients and dedicating personal time to genuinely show concern for their welfare. I firmly believe in pursuing dreams and never ceasing to dream. My ambition is to aid people, and I am committed to pursuing a lifelong profession that grants me the honor of serving others.

Combining my passion for assisting others with my fascination for the healthcare industry is my ultimate goal. I aspire to become a nurse and positively impact people’s lives. Despite the challenges of college, I am determined to persevere and successfully complete my studies. As a nurse, I firmly believe in the significant influence we have on the lives we encounter daily. Each day brings opportunities for us to touch lives and be touched in return, which is undeniably a blessing.

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