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Walmart Vs Safeway

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Walmart Vs. Safeway, Delivery
Do you find it frustrating to go grocery shopping? Tired of trying to find parking and people taking up the aisles? Maybe you are like myself and you have a disability and everything can be difficult. Do you wish you could just pay someone to do your grocery shopping for you? Well, the answer is very simple, now there are grocery stores that offer grocery delivery! They bring the groceries right to your front door, they’ll even unload them onto your kitchen counter.

The only question left is; who would you choose to do your shopping for you
I am a disabled person, which makes going to buy groceries weekly or bi-weekly very frustrating and difficult. There are two stores which offer delivery in my area. The two are Walmart and Safeway. There are a few similarities, as well as differences, between Walmart and Safeway grocery delivery. In order to figure out which company I should be loyal to, I ordered from both companies.

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Walmart Vs Safeway
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Walmart is one of my favorite companies to shop from so when I found out that they offer delivery in my area, I immediately went with them. When using the website, I found it very easy to use the website except when searching for a particular item. Walmart has an abundance of items available for delivery, which is an awesome quality, but it can be difficult to find a certain item. You could be scrolling for what seems like forever. Although they offer a search bar, sometimes you must type in the exact product name to avoid an error message. This can be quite frustrating if I am searching for a product I have never ordered before.Walmart has great prices on almost everything in stock, even Rollback is offered sometimes. Rollback is when something is on sale at Walmart. The only item that is quite overpriced is their meat. Being that I like to eat some type of meat or chicken with most of my meals, I did not find this to my…

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Walmart Vs Safeway. (2018, Jul 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/walmart-vs-safeway/

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