Walt Disney : A Visionary And Ethical Leader

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Walt Disney was a visionary and ethical leader who used his talents as an artist and transformational leader to create a world that has stood the test of time for nearly 90 years. He used inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation to further his clear and easy-to-follow vision, inspiring his personnel and leveraging their creativity. He valued his team members and created an environment of mutual trust, making him an ethical leader. Disney’s vision made it clear that he wanted everyone to dream of the future, believe in the dreams, and dare to take the risk to follow the dream. The Disney Company’s continued success is directly attributable to Walt’s leadership and team building talents.

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In his statement, Walt Disney emphasized that it is not the magic itself but rather the hard work behind it that brings success. He was both a visionary and an ethical leader, using his abilities as a transformational leader and artist to imagine a world that has lasted for almost 90 years (Capodagli & Jackson, 2007). This article will analyze Disney’s qualities as a visionary and ethical leader. It will illustrate how he utilized inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation to reinforce his clear and easily understandable vision, motivate his employees, and tap into their creativity. Additionally, it will discuss why I personally believe Walt Disney embodied the characteristics of an ethical leader through his appreciation for his team members and efforts in creating an environment of trust among them.

4). Disney’s vision was centered around encouraging individuals to dream of the future, believe in those dreams, and have the courage to take risks in pursuing them. In addition to providing his people with a clear and straightforward vision, Disney also utilized traits like Inspiration Motivation and Intellectual Stimulation from the BCEE CF02, Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD) lesson. This not only motivated and inspired his employees to pursue their dreams, but also demonstrated that he valued their creativity and intellectual contributions towards achieving the shared vision. (2014a) I strongly believe that it is crucial for visionary leaders to provide their teams with a clear vision that inspires and motivates them. Walt Disney was able to successfully do so. The ongoing success of the Disney Company can be directly attributed to Walt’s leadership skills and his ability to build effective teams. It is fortunate that the same man who created Jiminy Cricket as an ethically conscious character in Pinocchio was also an ethical leader himself. Walt Disney demonstrated ethical leadership by recognizing the importance of nurturing an environment based on mutual trust and respect. In his own words, “The whole thing here is the organization. Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our.”

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