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Walter Cihocki Social Studies

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Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia in 1807. He grew up with much devotion to the country life and his native state, this continued threw out his whole life. He was serious boy that loved to spend time in his father’s library. In 1825 he entered the United States Military Academe at West Point. His classmates looked up to him because of his brilliance, leadership, and devotion to duty. He graduated with high honors in 1829. He became the second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers.

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Walter Cihocki Social Studies
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when the war between Mexico in the United States in 1846, they sent lee to go to Texas as assistant engineer under General John E. Wool. he was shortly transferred to general Winfield Scott’s command and took place in the capture of Veracruz. During the March towards Mexico City Lee was promoted to major. Then to a lieutenant colonel.

When the Civil War began even though Lee did not believe in slavery and did not favor secession.

He felt that slavery had an evil effect on masters as well as slaves. Long before the war Lee had freed the few slaves that he had inherited. Lee greatly admired George Washington, and hated the thought of dividing the nation. But he came to feel that his state was protecting the very liberty, freedom, and legal principles that Washington had fought for.

Lee had a really hard time choosing weather to fight for his country or stay with the Union. He ended staying with his own state but it is not a decision he took lightly. He served as a Military advisor for the confederacy. He later changed positions again were he had troops under him.

Lee contributed much to the civil war. He was an excellent general and lead many troops to victories in the Mexican war and the Civil War.

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