Narrative Therapy and Its Growing Success Stories and Literature Essay

Narrative Therapy and Its Growing Success Stories and LiteratureLiberty University
Dr. Stephen Ford
October 11, 2013Narrative Therapy and Its Growing Success Stories and Literature
Part I
Within family therapy there is a therapeutic model that is in the “forefront of today’s theory and practice and it centers on the metaphor of narrative, that encourages the belief that our knowledge of reality is organized and maintained through the stories one tells about themselves and the lives they live” (Goldberg&Goldberg, 2013, p.

395). There are many different forms of narrative that counselors can use to help and guide their clients.

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Narrative Therapy and Its Growing Success Stories and Literature
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The stories that clients tell are important because:
“Our stories link life events together in a particular sequence to make sense of how and why we live the lives we do. This ongoing process of weaving together events includes stories about us, our abilities, competencies, actions, relationships, achievements, and failures, and much else. Certain dominant stories explain our current actions and impact our future lives” (Goldberg&Goldberg, 2013, p. 395). Individual’s story is basically their life illustration, the part of himself or herself that they allow others to see, to know and to learn who they are. Another important quote comes from within the Goldberg&Goldberg text, it states; “The stories we use to tell ourselves about how we act with one another are not about our lives but rather are our lives” (Goldberg&Goldberg, 2013, p. 395). This quote relays a message that we are not merely telling stories, but as a person uses their narrative to illustrate their lives to strangers or family members; they are inviting them in and saying, “this is not how I am living my life or how I chose to live my life, but this is my life”. “Even the reality of our lives is the reality of the stories we tell about them” (Goldberg&Goldberg, 2013, p.395)….

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