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Learning from Mistakes

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People have different ways of learning. Many people learn from past mistakes. Success is another way that some people learn. People learn more from mistakes than from success. One reason people learn from their mistakes is because they learn what actions caused them to make mistakes. One example of this is a story from when I was younger. I was about nine years old, and my friend got a mountain bike. This bike was different because it had hand brakes. My friend agreed to let me ride his bike, but he warned me to be careful with the brakes.

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Learning from Mistakes
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I jumped on the bike and pedaled hard. The bike was going too fast, so I squeezed the brake hard to stop. I went over the handlebars and hurt myself. I learned never to squeeze hand brakes too hard again. An additional example of this is when I was driving down the road and changed lanes. I got pulled over by a police officer, and I did not know why.

The policeman told me that I changed lanes in an intersection. That day I learned that changing lanes in an intersection was illegal.

That day I learned never to change lanes in an intersection again. People also learn from their mistakes by suffering the consequences of their actions. When people face bad consequences they learn to avoid the mistake that got them there. When I was in high school I got in-school suspension. The reason I got I. S. S. was for skipping a class. Once I had faced my consequences and spent time in I. S. S. I learned not to skip class anymore. A second supporting example of my theory is when I got a large fine for a speeding ticket.

Once I had paid the fine for speeding, I finally slowed down to reduce my risk of receiving another ticket. Mistakes help people learn more than success does. When a person makes a mistake they learn exactly what not to do. If a person avoids what caused them to make a previous mistake, odds are they will not make it again. On top of this people do not like to face the consequences that result from mistakes. I hope this essay provides a better understanding of why mistakes are a better learning tool than success.

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