What important problem(s) would you anticipate in this case?


Mr. Gomez tends to over-analyze potential problems. The problems I foresee are Gomez takes extra care to see all invoices are checked twice, he monitors for neat desks, he takes twenty minutes of his morning to check punctuality, and he even tries to make his employees feel he cares by remembering birthdays and anniversaries. It seems to me that he has a micro-management problem but being over 5 people who have up to 10 people to oversee is going to be a little critical to Victor Gomez’s hands-on approach. He is going to have to let them assist him and all the inability to delegate authority, responsibility, and accountability to other people such as his five-section supervisors could help eliminate some of his problems.

Question 2:

Considering Gomez’s work history, how would you expect him to delegate work? Does it appear that he has applied equally well the principles of management discussed in this chapter?


I think he is going to have a hard time delegating tasks down to his supervisors.

He is going to have to learn not to be so controlling. To me, it seems that he has applied all the principles of management. For instance, he checks all invoices twice and he maintains a clean working environment, which shows his conceptual and technical skills, but in his new position, I think he is going to need to learn to use his supervisors to his advantage and start delegating tasks to them, instead of him trying to be so hands-on and so controlling and micromanage everything.

Question 3:

How do you classify his management style? Do you feel his past style will be effective in his relationship with his new workers?


I would classify Mr. Gomez’s management style as controlling. He is a micro-manager. I feel that he needs to pass down some of his authority for him to be successful in his new position. I don’t think his past style will blow over so good with the others because he will be overstepping his five supervisors and undermining what they are implanting in their team and come off as a control freak. To be successful he needs to delegate his supervisors and let them do their job and focus on his new position.

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