What is Indie Music?

It was put in a general aspect in the Urban Dictionary as, “the sound is melodic, the instruments are simple but well textured, usually includes a simple but original guitar riff, another guitar riff layer to compliment it, bass doing the same, simple drum beat (but fitting the song well) either a keyboard or violin or melody, and soft vocals, usually well harmonize. ” Once read the definition you are able to look at the bands and see which one you can say is authentic to this genre.

Then you look at the band, Foals, for instance and listen to the music and analyze it. The Foals are a popular band in this genre; they originate from the I-J and have worldwide tours. Their music has this authentic sound; you can hear the different types of instruments they use. The long introduction of the songs has the harmonic/ melodic sound; it Just makes you bob your head. They have a way of creating music that is so rhythmic. Their new single “Bad Habit” gave you the same type of rhythmic harmonic music; of course every song is different.

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Every time they create new music they are able to do something new and fresh as to their last album yet you still get the same type of genre. They have great vocals and add some instruments like the piano, violin, and etc. The lyrics are also relatable and create the amazing sound that we know of as the band. There is also Indies bands like the Arctic Monkeys that are so similar. Originating from the same country Arctic Monkeys also fall under the Indies Rock category, they are Just as familiar in the genre.

When you listen to the Arctic Monkeys hey have this sound that a bit harsher, the vocals are soft yet create this more intense emotion behind the lyric. They are known for being able to reach popularity from the internet, being the first group to be fan based. They are known to be Indies Rock, although they seem to change their genre of rock with each album. Some may say this is one of good things that they are able to do, but does that mean they still are “Indies” rock.

Since they change their style in every album it’s hard to distinguish them as an Indies Rock but their lyrics and use of instruments show differently. With every song in the albums it’s all has a meaning to them or a story behind them. They are good at creating a new style of music and for them this has taken them this far with many hits. Now what makes these two bands similar is obvious and is why many people have a difficulty separating the two from one another. I nee Arctic Monkeys Ana ten Foals are two Danna Tanat are relatively alike In many aspects.

They have vocals that sound the same in many singles. The usage of different instruments gives them a unique sound as well as their drum beat. Their cents create a different sound and make it hard to differ to someone who is new to them which one is which. I believe that the Arctic monkeys have strayed away from the genre because they want to be unique and less in comparison to the Foals. Although because they are straying away doesn’t mean that their music sounds horrible, in a sense this has allowed them to expand, which seems to be a most favored feature.

For me it is easy to tell you what the differences and similarities are, when you go to their concerts you are able to s hear them without auto tune, as well s their taste and style. Every artist likes to put a little bit of their own styles to make their concerts unique, it’s then that you can see the two bands in a broader perspective. These bands are amazing, with many hit singles, they are still continuing their music with new albums. As far as the genre I believe the Foals have been able to stick to what they are good at, create good music yet keep it fresh, with every album there is no doubt that you are listening to Indies Rock.

Although the Arctic Monkeys have men able to create music that is new and different in terms of their genre, when you listen to them and think back at what is the definition of Indies Rock there is some components missing. When you listen to the Foals new album and as you listen see the definition you can see that they stick to the main components of the genre. There is no question in my eyes that the Foals are an authentic Indies Rock band. I hope that they continue creating great music as they are because they have really got a sense of what the genre is, and how to create music that will be a great hit.

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