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What Is Multistage Fitness

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    To get a decent view of what my weaknesses are I needed to participate in a number of fitness tests, so that I can improve these weaknesses in my Personal Exercise Plan. Illinois Agility Test- This test is used to measure speed and agility. To do this you lie down at the start of the course Diagram 1 then stand up as quick as you can around the course as fast as you can. Multistage Fitness Test- This is used to test cardio-vascular endurance and the correct way of doing it is; have two lines a set distance apart and a speaker, with a tape which beeps which get quicker at each level and you have to keep in time with beeps or you are out. When I did this I got to level  which is an average score. The Exercises I have chosen to include in my Personal Exercise Program All of the exercises that that I place in this circuit are going to focus on developing the different components of fitness and they will also work the different muscle groups consecutively. The exercises within my circuit develop muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, agility, strength and flexibility.

    My first station will be stretching, just to make sure that I am loose and warmed up properly because that way I wont pull or tear a muscle  ‘Skipping’ and this exercise will help improve my cardio-vascular endurance. ‘Press-Ups’ will also increase muscular endurance and strength and the correct way to do this is to support yourself with your arms and then flex at the elbows before returning to the same position.’Hurdles’ will increase leg power and the correct way to do this is to stand with both your legs together and get power from your knees to spring over the hurdles with only one bounce.  ‘Step-Ups’ will help increase muscular endurance in the legs and cardio-vascular endurance as well. The correct technique to doing this is to stand facing a low bench and then step up onto the bench with one foot quickly followed by the other and then back down again. Repeat for a set time. Sit Ups help improve muscular endurance in the abdominal region because that is where you should be getting all of the power and movement.

    The correct way to do this is to lie down flat on the floor and bend your legs upwards and then place your hands by your temple and the sit up and down until you have had enough.  Calf raises will help improve muscular endurance because your muscles will help gradually get used to going up and down and it will improve strength because your muscles get stronger every time you do something.The correct technique is to stand on a bench next to a wall with your heels off the bench, then raise and lower. Skill station will help to improve my ball skills or my ball control depending on what activity I decide to do while I am at it. I will either do kick ups and count how many I can do and try to beat that within my time or I will kick the ball against the wall with increasing power and then try to control it with alternating feet.

    SAQ ladders will help improve speed because you try to get across the ladders as fast as you can to keep your pulse up and also because one of the ways to get across is to do quick feet. It will also increase your agility because when you do it the other way, you move side-to-side moving up the ladder and you will need to be able to change direction to the other way. 10. ‘Tricep Dips’ and this station will help increase muscular endurance and strength. The correct technique to this is to put both hands on a bench parallel with your shoulder and then flex at the elbows.

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