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When should teachers report child abuse



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    How do you know the eye have been physically abused? The only thing you have is that they are depressed and whew n you report, nothing may happen. When a teacher may noticed nothing happening she think that she should report anything about that child or anybody else. Some teachers rather take notes on the child behavior or appearance then report all they have noticed. If they wait a longer time t o report the child could die. Although some teachers might think that it is hard to report abuse or that they should watch the child a little more before reporting but instead they should report a s soon as possible.

    To be able to notice abuse you have to know all types of abuse and signs that you can look for. For instance in physical abuse it is when you hurt a child that it could cause any physical mark. You may notice a child has been physically abused when they have a bruise or a scrap. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, as a chill d you may have heard that saying but words do hurt and that can have an effect on people for t heir whole life. There is an abuse that is known for getting hurt from words it is called emotional abuse it is when people may use words to make you feel worthless.

    It is hard to notice unless so embody has told you. Child neglect is a common type of child abuse and it is when you don’t Provo De a child their basic needs. You can notice it by their appearance (if they are dirty or have dirty clothes on), if their stomach is growling all the time, that are always left at home by themselves sees, and always late or misses school. Sexual abuse may make a child feel guilty for what is ha opening to them even through it is not their fought. It happens when a child exposed to sexual material, or if they are being touch or raped.

    It may be noticed by trouble walking or sitting, display knowledge or interest at a young age, doesn’t want to be around a person, doesn’t WA NT to change clothes in other people, and gets a SST or gets pregnant at a young age. Who has to make a report about a child being abused? Well in 48 states people who a social workers, teachers, principals, school personnel, physicians, nurses, other health h care workers, counselors, therapists, other mental health care professionals, child care pro videos, medical examiners or coroners, law enforcement officers are mandated to report chill d abuse.

    When they have the knowledge of anything going on with the child that may be harm LU they are supposed to report it. Some states want you are supposed to notify the head of your school so they can report it. In eight states the reporter must do the report first and then notify the head of the school. In South Carolina if you believe a child is being abused then you have the right to report it. South Carolina makes it easy to report instead of some states making you go to principal before reporting. Since teacher have such a close bond to the kids and their family that they might not even believe that a child is actually getting abused.

    Teachers might no t also report f the kids are young is because they might think they got the bruise from them playa Eng around. People don’t know that child abuse could mess a child life forever. It was a child who was getting abused by his father he didn’t know why sometimes; his dad Just blamed him when something was going wrong he was took away from his mother at age 12 which cause even more the problems with his dad because he would still talk to her. On his 26 birthday his mother committed suicide. With all the pain he had to deal with during his life he wanted to do the same thing his mother did to escape the pain.

    He said that he wish he could pass on so he could end the years of pain he is still dealing with. Was another story about this girl. She was physically, sexually, and emotionally abuse d by her parents, grandfather, uncle, and aunt. When her mother left because her mot her and her got into it, which lead her to be raped by her father when she left. When she went to spend the summer with her grandparents her grandfather made her give him oral sex daily. SSH e would also go to uncle’s house and her would force her into the bedroom and rape her. She woo old get beaten f she cried or tried to fight him.

    When he was done raping her, he made her take a b tat in front of him. When she was at his house he would sell her for beer and money. He would a Iso use her as his friend’s entertainment at the Bib’s. His friends would gang raped her and she had to enjoy or she would punished. Her mother raped her sometimes and when she did SSH e would blame her for the raping. She went to the doctors several times for pelvic pain and w hen the doctor wanted to examine her, her mother said no and grabbed her and left. She was always throated if she ever told about the abuse.

    She was taught “what happens in this family y, stays in this family. ” When she finally tried to report the abuse they dropped the case because e it included too many people and was too messy. She now has a little sister who is going through the same thing as she was going through when she was younger. She tried to get her help but they said she has to say something. She has not having any contact with her birth family and she is now getting counseling to heal from her pasted. Instead of waiting to see what else happens to a child, instead you should report ha t you eve seen as soon as possible.

    If we don’t get people to actually report then we will h eve a child going through abuse until they actually become an adult. 53% of reports coming fro m teachers, police officers, and Judges. It should be a higher percent then 53, if we could get it hi cheer we could make the world a better place. All the kid’s want is for somebody willing to give them help or be the voice that they no longer have. It is said that maybe a reason why teachers don’t report is that they are confused about COPS and what they really would do. Well it has to be b utter than engine a child tell you every day he or she are hungry and there is no food at home.

    T hey could take them out the place they are in and put them in a better place. If we informed pep people more about the different types of abuse, why teacher should report it could help, and tell p people more about COPS and what they can do to help a child. If we fix the problems that are needed d to be fix then there could be less children getting physical abused , sexually abused , emotion ally abused, and neglect. I Just want to see a child be able to speak up again instead of being scar deed to have to say something that is on their mind.

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