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If you need to report or discuss any issue in regards to domestic abuse you can call  to The Haven. They are the local women’s shelter, and are located about 40 miles from where I live. They provide shelter, support, job training, and counseling to families and children ho are victims of domestic abuse. This agency is run by social workers and volunteers and being that I am a caseworker at my local DOFFS office and attending school for a Human Services degree, I am eligible to volunteer my time with this organization.

Explain whether or not you would consider taking advantage of this opportunity, and why. How do you think this volunteer experience could be valuable to you as a future Human Service professional?

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and I am always willing to help in any way that I an to show children that you can get past it and do something with your life. I am very interested in volunteering to work with this organization because I could get hands on experience in dealing with families in crisis. Would have a better understanding of the client’s that I may deal with in the future as I pursue my career goal of becoming a Child Protective Services Investigator.


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