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As a future student at John Carroll University, I am interested in pursuing a major in Biochemistry. I have always had an interest in science, particularly, in biology and chemistry. With this major, I will be able to expand my knowledge on the chemicals that are building blocks of life. I have always had an interest in the natural world and how small organisms function. Although it focuses on the processes on the chemical level. A major such as this one allows us to learn new ways of providing better care to patients. It contributes to new and inventive ways of how life works. By integrating these new, inventive ways we are able to research and study the effects of drugs, for example. A significant portion of what it means to be an anesthesiologist assistant is knowing the effects of drugs. They can be the difference between a successful surgery and recovery or a downfall. Rather than just focusing on one major such as Chemistry or Biology. I loved learning about both topics and decided to choose Biochemistry as my interested major. I have learned that when I followed my passion it only lead to great results. I know that my major will be difficult. At the same time, I know that as long as I work hard for what I want. I will succeed. I believe that majoring in Biochemistry which focuses on the study of life will contribute to my success as an anesthesiologist assistant. As an aspiring anesthesiologist assistant, the importance of having a great foundation is what will set me up for success. By excelling in this major, it will inspire even more passion which will only make me better. With this major, it will provide invaluable experiences for my future career. The major will hone in my skills in becoming a better pre-med and, eventually, a valuable, contributing member of my department of study. It will further advance my educational understanding and prepare me to be an overall prepared individual, one who will represent my school, JCU, and field of study with competence and determination. With that in mind, improving my skills as a student and being involved in related organizations such as the Choose Ohio First program. This will benefit my pathway towards my desired career.

A major reason why I want to be an anesthesiologist assistant is because of the science and care behind it. It will allow me to explore my interest in both science and chemistry, as well as interact with patients on a day-to-day basis. Everyday there are people who are going into surgery. They are putting their lives in the hands of healthcare professionals who will ensure they have a safe and pain-free procedure. Anesthesiologist assistants are highly skilled professionals who are involved in a team to implement crucial anesthesia plans. As an AA individuals need to be quick thinkers because, at any point in the surgery, the patient could spiral. It is an active job in which one needs to always be alert. All aspects of being an anesthesiologist assistant is what I am passionate about! Knowing this, the thought of having to work hard in a major that will challenge me is exciting. When there is something that challenges me as a student, I feel to say that it prepares you for what is to come next. And that is what I believe in regards to my study. I will be strong academically through doing labs, independent study, research, and to implement my new-found knowledge in real life situations. By advancing my knowledge in science it advances my understanding of what relates to my desired career. And by studying a major such as Biochemistry, essentially, the study of life, I will increase my chances of becoming successful in my future career. Finally, It will allow me to grow by providing me skills of analysis, detail, and understanding of the career that I want to pursue. All the effort that I put towards my future through studying a topic that encapsulates want I want to do. It will only get better and increase my success as a reliable AA. With skills at hand I will be able to further pursue my passion in becoming an anesthesiologist assistant. Following a great education is what lead me to where I am now. By continuing on this path will only benefit my educational growth. The importance of education is what will improve who I am as a student today. It then becomes the foundation and passion for what I will become.

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