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Should Sex Education Be Taught in Public Schools?

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Should Sex Education Be Taught in Public Schools? The decision to teach sex education has been in debate for a few generations. The actuality is that, for parents and communities, it is still a highly controversial issue that must be addressed. Many believe that the incidents of school-age children participating in sexual practices are increasing. What is more of a problem is that the media is continuously reporting that the ages of these children are decreasing. People who oppose sexual education feel that the courses themselves add to this trend.

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Should Sex Education Be Taught in Public Schools?
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The reality is that fewer adolescents are having sex than in previous years, and this could have been influenced by sex education itself. In a time when HIV remains a dangerous factor, it is crucial to educate children about the very real threats to health and life posed by unprotected sex. Teaching sex education is never for the purpose of encouraging sex. Parents are still responsible for giving their children the values they believe they must have.

Sex education in public schools is education first; therefore it is an obligation of the American school system.

Even though some may feel sex education lowers the morality of people by teaching students how to use condoms and contraceptives, it should be taught in primary schools and secondary schools because it prevents sexual diseases and teenage pregnancy, it is a need in case of parents’ absence, and it gives children some idea of what is right and what is wrong. Many seem to feel that this education creates young people urges to experiment. There is no evidence to support that teaching sex education encourages active sexuality. Many states are developing legislation that addresses this fear from opponents.

This seems to be a response to those afraid of moral decline, and one that emphasizes that the moral parts of the issue are beyond any school’s authority. It is highly unlikely that any school today would attempt to encourage students into engaging in sex for the obvious fact that such hideously irresponsible behavior would only bring disastrous consequences onto the school itself. There are situations where parents are always away from their children. Because of this, sex education should be taught to them so that they would learn it from an educated and responsible adult instead of learning it from the media or their friends.

Regardless of the location, there will always be peers who tend to badly influence others. The generation today just continues to get worse. The media and technology share a heavy load of blame on this. Students can now access any site on the internet that contains adult content or pornographic materials which is why sex education should be implemented in schools. It is better for children to be educated early because they will still know about it when they are older, and will be more exposed to it through their peers and the media.

Sex education can also be used for scientific education. Young students can be introduced to the human anatomy using sex education. Along with knowing about sexual intercourse, students are taught about the anatomy of the human body and how and why it works the way it does. To know and understand how one’s body works is a fundamental part of any person’s life, and the ability to gain this knowledge should not be removed. During their teenage years, young boys and girls will undergo major changes in their body that need explaining most times.

This emphasizes one of the most apparent reasons for sexual education being taught to students. Sex education can help children cope with the many changes caused by puberty. One example is a female’s first menstruation and the uneasiness they will feel. If girls are being informed of this change prior to its beginning, then their ability to accept and understand it would be greatly improved. Hormonal and physical changes in the body begin without warning and children need to know why these changes are happening. Parents should also have their voice in their children’s ears when it comes to sex education.

There are always children who are hard-headed in school and need that extra talking to from mom and dad just to get through to them. Nobody is telling parents how to raise their child, but a sit-down with them every so often would not hurt. The school system can only do so much for the child when educating them about sex. Parents should inform their children that sex is meant for the unity and procreation of married couples who are committed to each other. They should also be informed that they will know the true purpose of sex when they grow up to be adults.

Sex education should be taught in schools because it is better to consider health and reality before beliefs. Since it became difficult to eliminate immorality and stop teenagers from becoming sexually active, we should put into action sex education as early as primary school. For children whose parents are always away from them, sex education is needed so that they will not lose track of the right path. Through sex education, students will learn the truth about sex and they will be able to control themselves and make proper decisions. Well, at least that is what we should all hope for.

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