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Why I Decided to Return to School

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Returning to school 1 Why I decided to return to school Joe Andre King English 121 Dr. Jill D. Mosley, PHD June 28, 2010 Returning to school 2 Why I decided to return to school Today we are experiencing a recession; that’s making it hard to get a good job with just a high school diploma. I am unemployed at the moment. To many jobs have turned me down for employment. I have decided to return to school; so that I can have better job opportunities.

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Why I Decided to Return to School
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I also want to be an example for my children; so they will see how important a college education is. I also have a burning desire to be educated. Going back to school and completing college is my top priority. I am currently a volunteer high school football coach. With the benefit of having a college degree; I can become a college football coach. A lot of my friends have college degrees. Personally I feel uncomfortable around them at times, because they are more educated than me.

They have good jobs, and most of them live in homes.

So when I’m around them my self- esteem is very low. My children are not enjoying life to the fullest like their children are. I believe once I receive my college degree: one of the benefits will be having self confidence around my friends; plus my self esteem is going to sky rocket to the heavens! Returning to school 3 I know I have to make changes in my life-style to pursue my degree. One of the problems that stop me from finishing college in the early nineties was excessive partying, and hanging out.

I had no discipline in the nineties, and that caused me to drop out of college. The major change that I see I am going to have to make to pursue my degree: is organizing my time effenciently. I am going to need to set specific times during the day for studying. I’m just going to have to make sacrifices in order to pursue my degree. I’m also going to have to overcome some obstacles to successfully complete my degree. I have developed the disease of procrastination over the years.

When it comes to completing an assignment, I procrastinate until the last minute; causing me to turn in mediocre work. Resulting in poor grades; ending in me giving up on school. Another obstacle I must overcome is learning how to ask for help when I need it. My pride always tell me “you don’t need any help, you can do this, and it’s not that hard. ” The strategies I will use to overcome these obstacles; are starting my assignments as soon as I receive them. And most importantly I will ask my academic advisor for any help or assistance that I may need.

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