Why Is Romeo And Juliet Remained So Popular

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It deals with issues that adolescents are dealing with at that time of their lives. Adolescents also find the play appealing because Of the language and how it is used, and also the sexual undertone of some of the script. Romeo and Juliet were also very young, which makes many of the characters easy to relate to. Bag Alarm’s film interpretation of ? Romeo and Juliet? Was very different from other interpretations, such as Sufferable’s film. Sufferable’s ? Romeo and Juliet? Was closely set to the original text.

It was set in medieval times, with the script remaining basically as was originally written. In comparison, Bag Alarm’s ? Romeo and Juliet? Was set in modern times in an Hispanic city, tit all the fighting done with modern day weapons instead of swords. The script also remained mostly unchanged, but the meaning behind some of the words differed slightly. Therefore, comparison and discussion about these two interpretations can be easily achieved. Two key episodes in ? Romeo and Juliet? Are Act 2, Scene 4, when Mercuric teases Romeo and the Nurse, and ACTA, Scene 1, when Mercuric meets his fate.

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One might say that Mercuric teasing Romeo and the Nurse is not a key episode in the text, but that is not quite true. Although this scene does not have a big impact on the outcome of the play, and one does not necessarily member this scene when one thinks of? Romeo and Juliet? , this episode is important. It is very humorous, and provides audience with a break from the intense storyline. This scene also allows the audience to get an insight of what certain characters are like. Act 2, Scene 5 appeals to contemporary audiences, as it is very humorous, through the use of sexual innuendo and puns.

The sexual humor is quite popular with most adolescents, which makes this scene an essential one for the adolescent audience. In Bag Alarm’s ? Romeo and Juliet? , Mercuric teasing Romeo is accentuated y the relative length Of the scene. Mercuric Starts to tease Romeo when he arrives, using a mixture of good-hearted insults and sexual puns. Mercuric and Romeo then start to ? Rumble? , a well-meaning type of wrestling. There are not many other Montague present except for Benevolent when this is happening. When the Nurse arrives to see Romeo, Mercuric does not tease her, except for saying ?

Farewell, ancient lady?? (Line 1 18, Act 2, Scene 4) which is an attack on her personal appearance. One realizes that most of this episode has been cut out for an undisclosed reason. One might think that this old be because the exchange of insults may be deemed to be derogatory to some people. The language in this episode has a very sexual undertone to it. Mercuric uses a lot of puns, including sexual ones. The language makes this episode appealing to adolescents as it gives them a chance to laugh and release tension.

The characters are also appealing as they are easy to relate to. The characters are also concerned with things that an adolescent is concerned with. The main reason that Bag Alarm’s interpretation of the episode is appealing is because of the language and how the language is portrayed in he staging of the play. Sufferable’s portrayal of this episode contrasts with Alarm’s interpretation. Sufferable’s film does not have Mercuric teasing Romeo, except for a few comments about Rosalie. Mercuric only starts to tease Romeo when the Nurse starts talking to him.

In comparison, Sufferable includes the episode where Mercuric taunts the Nurse. The taunts to the Nurse are very physical, and Mercuric makes physical movements to accompany his insults, for instance Mercuric lifts up the Nurse’s dress. There is sexual innuendo in the language that Mercuric uses, and there is also a group of Montague, and hey intimidate the Nurse because of their numbers. This episode is appealing to adolescents because of the physical language and movements used, which allows the audience to laugh. The characters are also appealing, such as Mercuric the joker.

The whole passage has a sexual undertone, which is also some of the concerns of most adolescents. Mercuric’s death is also a key episode in the text. If Mercuric had not died, then Romeo would not have killed Table. Therefore Romeo would not of been banished, and he would of known of Juliet’s plot to fake death. This would have averted the whole tragedy. This episode is appealing to anthropometry audiences as it is exciting, has a fight and a death. Adolescents may be able to relate this episode to gangs, and loyalties between friends.

Friendship is very important to adolescents, and therefore this scene would appeal to them. In Sufferable’s interpretation, the Montague and Capsules use swords for weapons, which is how Shakespeare had written it. This fact says much on how this scene is going to be staged, as it is most likely going to be staged very similar to Shakespearean plays. The colors that each family wears can tell one about the plot. The Montague wore blue, while the Capsules were De and gold. Red is more of an assertive color, which makes one think that the Capsules will be the aggressors.

The fight is set in the middle of town, with many Montague and Capsules watching. The language in this episode remains very similar to that of the original play, and the words are said with the anticipated expression. The three characters that are very strong are that of Romeo, Table and Mercuric. Their concerns are about pride and winning, which are concerns that many people confront today, especially adolescents. This is why Sufferable’s portrayal of this episode is appealing to the anthropometry audience. Mercuric’s death occurs on a Hispanic beach in Alarm’s ?

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