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Wintu Indian Tribe

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Wintu Indian Tribe

            There had been several kinds of Indians in the United States; perhaps they had reached the other islands too. There are some tribes who exist up to this point and one among these numbers of Tribe is the Wintu Indian Tribe who had lived in the surroundings of Trinity Mountain and Northern Sacramento River Valley in Northern California for 8,000 years already (“Native Americans”, 2007).

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Wintu Indian Tribe
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Living a very ideal life as describe in some readings, this tribe continue to promote kinship among other villages and regions (“Native Americans”, 2007). In present, it is of great curiosity how they were able to adapt with the fast changing society.

The Indian Tribe

            The word Wintu is the tribe’s language for person that was also used to calm them or pertain to them (“Native American Tribes”, 1996). Ruled by a village chieftain who posses good leadership qualities and most of the time, the leadership is being passed from father to son. However, in the absence of leadership skills to the chosen one, it will be passed to another person.

Villages are owned by Chiefs who are responsible in organizing meetings, dances and gatherings. It is the leader who invites other leaders to attend to their feasts and they are the representatives to important functions (“Native Americans: Wintu”).  Also, it is the chief’s responsibility to decide over disputes (“Native Americans”, 2007). In some instances that the chief wants to step down, he must be a good dancer and a good singer before he could leave his post (“Native American Tribes”, 1996).

            In times of conflict, most probably a war, the tribesmen use bow and arrows as their weapon and together with this; they also use daggers, spears and slingshots as additional bludgeon. They use an Elk skin as their armor during fights and combats (“Native American Tribes”, 1996).

The way to live a Wintu Life

            Wintu’s way of having or acquiring food is through hunting which, fishing and gathering wild plants. The men does the hunting and the fishing while women were the ones who pick plants to use as food and some were used as materials  in making baskets. The most famous animal that they hunt is the deer.  They cook food using stones and baskets while some foods are cooked through coal (“Native Americans: Wintu”).

            In maintaining economy, they trade with other villages and this way of making money perhaps made them prosperous. Such trades were actually used in maintaining their survival through hard and difficult times. These things make them able to have something to eat and the same time enables them to form kinship when doing trades.

Living a Wintu Life

            Wintu men marry women from outside their community or from a different Wintu Tribe. This happens so as to continue building kinship among other villages (“Native Americans”, 2007). The Chiefs are allowed to practice Polygyny and this usually happens to women from different tribes. Every people of the village offer a gift to the chief which is commonly food. This gift is shared to the rest of the villagers during meetings or gatherings (“Native Americans: Wintu”).

            To their kids, they form a tradition which is being followed by the rest of the member of the tribe. A boy who already reached his puberty and was able to get his first salmon or killed his first deer was given a feast and this is the only one given to him. In the case of girls, when they reached the first menses, they are secluded for several months and for the first five day of seclusion; they were not allowed to sleep believing that dreams are bad for their future and would affect her health (“Native Americans: Wintu”).

            Like most tribes, Wintus religion is somehow like that of the Pagans. Rocks and outcrops including pools, caves and most especially mountains were the ones they believe to have spiritual qualities. They treat landscapes as sacred which clearly informs the people that they do have the earthly things as their Gods (“Native Americans”, 2007).

The way they live their lives seems to be so ideal that they remain to be intact and together at most times. Though it is not clearly stated whether they were able to adapt with the fast changing society, the good thing about almost everything is that they remain abiding to the things they used to do for a long time already.


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Wintu Indian Tribe. (2016, Oct 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/wintu-indian-tribe/

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