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Classes are taught five days a week, class mimes vary depending upon the day of the week. Unlike your typical painting and wine studio, Downtime Arts & Aperitif offer much more than just canvas painting. Some of the art techniques taught in our studio are canvas painting, oil based paintings, wine or liquor bottle painting, wood crafts, short sewing projects, pottery, glass fusing, jewelry making, backyard art, and new classes continue to transition in and out. When participants arrive at the studio they will sign in, pick out an apron, choose any accessories such as paint colors needed, and be shown to their area for the course.

Visit the popular aperitif bar fully stocked with beer, wine, and bottled liquor, continue by mingling with the group and get to know the other participants in the session, and finally get formally introduced to the instructor of the course. Participants are welcome to come as they are and feel at home in our art studio. Sunday’s will be concerned family days at Downtime Arts & Aperitif welcoming children and well trained dogs to enjoy our studio and lush backyard which aides to give that extra sense of being at home in the comfort of your family.

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Studio buy-outs are available for corporate outings, cochlear or bachelorhood parties, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. Buy-outs will be quoted on a case by case basis as we can welcome private parties from two people to 65 depending on the art class chosen by the group. Please contact the studio today for information regarding the full studio buyout. From the time a person enters the studio until the paint dries, as the saying goes, members should feel relaxed, creative, empowered, free, and comfortable. If, at any time, one of those is not met, please alert an employee as to what you need to get to that feeling.

The Studio is a place of feel good and if someone is not feeling that vibe we must know in order to change and grow. The mission of Downtime Arts & Aperitif is to become Denier’s home for relaxation and fun, engaging the adult community with fun and activities discovering the inner artist in everyone! Five years from now Downtime Arts & Aperitif will be the top grossing adult group activity in the Denver Metro area by consistently providing a fun, affordable activity for adults, while continuing to develop the business to numerous branches.

Empower a diverse group of employees and customers to excel in their own arm of art Treat others with dignity, respect, and fairly while displaying the highest ethical standards FOCUS on building a continuous learning environment that remains inviting and aspiring to individuals of every kind Continue to advance the creation of a balanced life with continuous physical and financial contributions to the community Above all have fun, enjoy what you do, and constantly look for ways to engage customers and employees alike Based on the group of owners understanding of Downtime Arts & Aperitifs primary vision, mission, core values and beliefs, and the opportunities and hearts of the current environment, the next five years will be very busy deepening its Colorado roots while consistently providing a fun environment. Immediately, the owners of Downtime Arts & Aperitif will take ownership of specific regions throughout Colorado to promote, teach, and engage current and future customers of the business. Working to utilize an array of community resources and actively engaging in the community will be supported and encouraged by the owner group.

Marketing, many company’s biggest challenge, should come naturally to the owners of Downtime Arts & Aperitif because two of the four owners of the equines have a degree in marketing. Our greatest advertising especially in the first few years will be between word of mouth and social media. It is imperative that an individual is feeling the love from the time they walk through the door until the time they leave. Our customers must feel appreciated, loved, and needed in order to create a fun environment that keeps bringing people back. By engaging in the community resources and attending social events, the creation of free marketing is the best thing happening.

We will look at every opportunity to attend a community event as just another marketing platform for us to each. Marketing will include the following: State of the art website, with a fully operational and interactive calendar to register and pay online Produce a quality, state of the art, and unique logo for the company Place said logo on everything from our personal vehicles to business cards to a new fleece pullover jacket Faceable, Twitter, Linked, and other social networking sites will constantly be nourished and taken care of to continuously attract a younger client base High quality business cards, postcards, flyers, and other print material to be used at every interaction.

Create a frequent artist card that allows a free session for every five paid for sessions and maintain that within a database that can also create mass snail mail mailers Place brochures and fliers at business nearby that share a similar customer base and perhaps leave those people with a handful of discounts to give out to their best customers Create referral rates that can be used on the regular by placing a code online when registering for a class Pricing will be as low as $20 for a class to as high as $195 for a class depending on the class picked and the dates available. We will continue to maintain a price mint lower than the local competitors and will continue to push the simple facts such as being a newer product than the other places. The prices for the aperitif bar will vary depending on weekly beer, wine, and liquor costs; however, by placing our orders with another business’s liquor order we will receive a larger volume discount which will help the bottom line.

The drink prices will be very competitive and currently are the lowest in town. The business will provide all materials needed to complete the glass. Supplies purchased by the company will first source through a minority owned business ND if unavailable will then go to another company. The convenient location in the up and coming Stapleton area of Denver is an ideal base camp for this particular business model. The business located in a strip mall with approximately 4500 square feet in the main room alone allowing us to host bigger classes than our competitors giving us the benefit for hot dates. Upon start-up, the business will be run with the four owners and their immediate family only.

As time progresses and the company branches to different locations hiring employees will become an important aspect of the business. When he time comes that the business has grown to three or more locations a full time human resources director will be hired in order to continue the personal engagement of upper management. By offering high quality products and the environment for adults that are equal to a child’s playground the business will attract a demographic that is of 30 – 50 year old men and women of every race and nationality. People often have a hard time paying a large amount of money for something that they do not leave within their hands.

Being able to plan a date night that is not only reasonable, but fun and productive as well will give a sense of success. Using the marketing skills already possessed by our owners and the guarantee of fun had by all at a reasonable price we are sure to hold a competitive advantage.

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