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Writing Assignment Final

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Furthermore I also reacquainted myself with my personal earning style and multiple intelligences. Even though I was able to recall ingrained proficiencies from my previous days as a student, this course helped me to refine and strengthen these aptitudes. During this time, I was able to utilize my abilities in my other course work which was extremely effective and beneficial. The correlation between the teachings in Academic Strategies and my other course assisted in my successful reentrant to university.

I firmly believe that the knowledge, skills and strategies that I renewed and strengthened not only helped me reintegrate back into school but aided me in making my first term successful and positive.

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Writing Assignment Final
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This course helped reinforce my decision and dedication to return to college to complete my associates degree in accounting. There are several key concepts and topics that this course featured that helped to enhance and improve my abilities as a candidate in the professional business world. One of the first and I feel one of the most important to possess was efficient time management and stress management skills.

Effective time management skills can aid in helping to keep stress levels low and performance, work quality, and a positive attitude prominent. Critical thinking skills was another important topic I touched upon. Critical thinking is the ability to use logic and reason to evaluate information effectively. This is a vital ability as it aids with important decision making, goal-setting and problem solving. Lastly studied a number of problem solving strategies to use in the business world. Effective problem solving can be used as both proactive and reactive resource for business operations.

Being well-equipped with resourceful and professional problem solving strategies will prove to help me become a valuable asset to the business community I serve. For myself, I feel all of these concepts have helped to enrich my abilities and prepare me to become a qualified and confident candidate for the business world. While I feel some of the concepts and topics covered in Academic Strategies for the Business professional were more favorable to me than others, all of the conceptions can be applied to both my short and long-term career and educational goals.

My short-term educational goal is to complete my associates degree in accounting and subsequently my long-term educational goal is to complete my bachelor’s degree in accounting. In order for me to be successful in both of these goals, I will need to execute well-organized time and stress management, superb critical thinking, enhanced reading, note taking and writing skills. This will also require a great deal of personal responsibility, self-motivation, self-management and curiosity. For my short-term career goal, I am looking to advance at my current employment to their accounting department.

Successively, my long-term career goal is to be in a management position of the accounting department. While similar qualities and abilities from my educational goals will directly apply to my career goals, I will also need to enlist my career networking, problem solving and action planning skills. I will also need to use my interdependence quality in order to be productive with my career networking and to be a positive, creative and constructive leader for the accounting department. I have been currently able to apply all of these skills and qualities to y present career position.

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