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Writing assignment yo verbs

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With respect to the tasks and duties of the administrative manager, the successful candidate s responsible for maintaining administrative staff through recruitment, selection, organization, orientation, and constant training; maintaining a secure and safe job environment; initiating and developing opportunities for employee growth and development; accomplishing employee results through effective communication of job expectations, timely planning, continuous monitoring, and periodic appraisal of job results; provision of coaching and counseling services for the employees; overseeing of discipline matters within the organization; and initiating, enforcing, and coordinating organizational policies and vital reoccurred.

In addition, s/he will ensure strong labor relations and employment conditions, maintain records, prepare reports, compose correspondence, and develop budget recommendations for personal services and capital outlay.

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Writing assignment yo verbs
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To execute the abovementioned duties with ease, the administrative assistant will require various technological tools and equipment. In this regard, s/he should be well versed with use of laptop computers, personal digital assistants, multi- line telephone systems, and photocopying equipment. In addition a suitable candidate should be conversant with the technology that is essential for his occupation.

This includes accounting software, spreadsheet software, electronic mail software, enterprise resource planning software, and desktop publishing software. Besides having essential technological competencies, a suitable administrative assistant should be knowledgeable in different areas and have diverse skills and abilities.

In this regard, s/he should have knowledge of the principles of personal as well as customer services, clerical systems and procedures, English language, mathematics, economics and accounting, computers and electronics, personnel and human resources, and sales and racketing. Fundamental skills for this job occupation range from active listening, effective coordination, time management, and speaking to critical thinking, sound judgment, effective decision making, and negotiation. Essential abilities entail oral expression, inductive and deductive reasoning, speech recognition and clarity, oral comprehension, written expression, and problem sensitivity. With respect to educational requirement, an ideal candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any other related field. Recruitment Method

The process of recruiting employees gives human resource managers an opportunity to reach out to prospective staffs and select suitable candidates for any job occupation. There are various ways that can be used to advertise the abovementioned post and select a suitable candidate to fill it. According to Edgewood, Field and Barrack (2010), employment agencies locate and screen candidates on behalf of the employers. They use accredited procedures to choose suitable staffs and present them to employers within the shortest time. Using this, employers are able to access individuals that have sufficient relevant kills in a timely manner. Relative to this is employment of online recruitment companies or job banks.

Edgewood et al (2010) ascertains that there are various online recruitment companies that give employers an opportunity to advertise emergent job opportunities. Likewise, this approach enables employers to find suitable candidates quickly and cost effectively. In addition, employers using this strategy connect with applicants from diverse backgrounds. They are able to choose experienced candidates whose qualifications are consistent with their job specifications. Assessment Methods As indicated earlier, successful organizational wellbeing relies on the effective performance of its human resources. Ma and Allen (2009) posit that to ensure recruitment of competent staff, it is vital to understand employee behavior.

Presumably, behavior influences attitudes and decisions of staffs in different ways. Psychometric tests can be used to evaluate qualified candidates to determine and understand their individuality. Results of these measurement tools are imperative for predicting employee behavior and maximizing their value with respect to job performance. From the job description, it is apparent that the administrative assistant will interact with fellow employees as well as clients at different levels. Effective performance requires high level commitment and relevant and sufficient competencies including strong interpersonal skills. Employee behavior has direct impacts on his or her mannerisms and general wellbeing.

Upfront determination of this enables employers to optimize staff performance by providing suitable opportunities for empowerment, growth, and development in a timely manner. Another ideal employee assessment method in this context would be use of oral interviews. The interview strategy is important for generating vital information pertaining to the attitudes, skills, and behaviors of employees (Decency, Robbins , 2012). Using well- structured and customized interview schedules, employers lure the staffs into providing a wealth of information about their abilities, opinions, and experiences. Using this information, employers are able to make vital decisions regarding ideal job placements, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

In this respect, interviewing is particularly imperative for obtaining crucial information regarding he perceptions, feelings, abilities, and opinions of employees. Employers use this information to understand the potential of the employees, manage their performance, and reduce staff turnover that has adverse effects on the general wellbeing organizations.

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