China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company Ltd

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China atomic Huaxing building Co. , LTD is a company which straight under the cardinal authorities of China atomic technology and building corporation keeping comprehensive big building companies, both at place and abroad to construct atomic power endeavors, is the domestic well-known lodging building premium quality building company, is a rich experience of military undertaking military endeavor group.

Company is carried out to the dept. system as the nucleus group direction manner, has subsidiary and keeping more than 40 and unit, the staff of about 8000 people, to atomic power technology, the atomic civil technology, military industry technology to the chief concern, has the investing and funding, research and development, technology consulting, study, design, civil technology, installing, fabrication, supervising, belongings and the value concatenation direction ability to finish building.

The company was founded in 1958, has the all right tradition and deep military background, which has undertaken our state  “fell a boat ” trial base and many atomic plans, military, technology building mission, at present military technology concern accounted for about 10 % of income.

The company since 1983, take part in the state ‘s first atomic works reactor building, 2010 domestic has power of 15 atomic reactor, 11 of the civil technology of atomic shall be borne by the company. Meanwhile, it besides undertakes the state at present the export to overseas all two atomic power works building contract undertaking.

By the terminal of 2010, the company besides building of the Guangdong’s, Liaoning red river, Fujian hinged, Guangdong, guangxi fangcheng port Yanjing and 15 atomic civil technology, transcending of the “ 11th five-year program ” established instruction” and 8 to 12 reactor under building ” ability mark, be under building in the universe the most atomic power building of atomic contractor.


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