Xerox – A Case Study Report

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This is an debut for a study I have done as portion of my assignment on the globally know company Xerox. The intent of this study is to present people to companies such as Xerox and give them an penetration of the work done in the company and grounds for it making them. In my study I have included the company history, type, size, location and service. I have besides explained some functions in the company, an administration chart along with responsibilities of some occupations, disposal maps of an office and eventually three pieces of workplace statute law. I feel I have done this study to the best of my ability and hope you find that there is a broad scope of utile information on Xerox as a company among other things.

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Xerox was founded in the twelvemonth 1906, Chester Carlson created manner to easy double information on to paper named xerography 75 old ages ago. This innovation transformed how office work is done and how information is shared. The innovation of xerography is the ground for the company of Xerox, Carlson said while working on developing xerography that his ground for it was “to make office work a little more productive and a small less tedious.” And when we look at Xerox today this shines true.

Xerox is one of few companies who’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) is a female. Ursula M. Burns joined Xerox as a summer houseman in mechanical technology in 1980 and in her old ages at that place has helped beef up Xerox’s leading in papers engineering and services.

Xerox is a private sector administration. A private sector concern is a in private owned concern, a concern is set up to bring forth or administer a merchandise or service. The exclusive intent of a concern is to do a net income, without this a concern would non last in the market.

Xerox is a private limited company ( Ltd ) . A private limited company is a company that is owned by its stockholders and can hold a lower limit of 1 member or a upper limit of 99. Limited company’s and PLC are similar lawfully but limited companies have rigorous regulations for the sum of portions to be issued to the stockholders, these are normally owned by household or friends of the concern.

Xerox is an American based company and is run in 160 states, Ireland is one of these states. Their Irish subdivision is based in Ballycoolin Industrial Estate Blanchardstown Dublin 15. Xerox has been a major portion in papers engineering and services and presently is the world’s taking company for papers direction and concern procedure. With over 140,000 employees they offer planetary services from claims, reimbursement, HR benefits direction and automated toll dealing to client attention Centres. They commit 3.2 % of their gross to development and research for the company each.

Xerox, like many concerns has a assortment of different sections. Four of these sections are Finance, IT, GCC and HR.

Company Departments


The intent of a finance section in a concern is to do tactical determinations in the company’s money direction. They besides deal with one-year studies of the company’s payments and returns.

  • Do fiscal studies
  • aid with edifice net incomes for the concern

Information Technology ( IT )

The IT Departments function in the workplace is to develop and keep a certain criterion of web on desktops. Their chief intent is to pull off the engineering and package of their workplace and give counsel on these things to other staff members.

  • Meeting clients to specify any demands
  • Giving written or verbal solutions to questions

Global Contact Centre ( GCC )

The GCC section is a call Centre in Xerox. Its intent is to take client calls from a assortment of states with any questions they have with merchandises purchased and besides to take orders for merchandises. This is a large portion in Xerox’s concern as it helps with a batch of gross revenues.

  • Provides information to clients on the companies goods
  • Gives replies or solutions to enquiries

Human Resources ( HR )

HR’s function in a company is to assist give advice on policies associating to the usage of employees in a concern. The people in this line of work demand to hold an apprehension of the concerns aims and by making so develop their department’s policies.

  • Cover the conditions or employment
  • Deal with work patterns and equality in the work topographic point

Administration Structure

Network Manager Duties include:

  • Buying equipment for the company web
  • Manages the web and maintains its criterion
  • Installs any ascents needed
  • Oversees all user entree
  • Develop and run a backup plan for any exigencies

Budget Analyst Duties include:

  • Helps fix the one-year budget
  • reappraisals budget in instance of mistakes
  • explicate issues with the budget at manus
  • Compare each consequence of each budget

Administration Functions of an Office

The duty of the office is to manage any of the information that goes to and from the concern. Location and size of an office is determined by the nature and size of the concern itself. Larger concerns would normally hold an admin office for each specific section, nevertheless it would be more common for a big concern to hold a centralized office for covering with frequent activities. Functions of admin:

Receiving and Screening Information:The office would normally hold to cover with a assortment of information on a day-to-day footing received from:

  • Customers – questions, orders, payments and citations
  • Government Bodies, Revenue Commissions, Trade and Employment, Employment Welfare Agencies and Department of endeavor
  • Suppliers – Statements, bills, citations, promotional stuff and catalogues
  • Fiscal establishments – Interest & amp ; currency rates, bank statements and stock rating
  • The concern itself – studies, histories, internal mail & A ; petitions and proceedingss of meetings

Processing and Communicating Information:Information received will normally necessitate farther scrutiny before it can be used or distributed. The office will state the receiver of the information this in one of the undermentioned ways:

  • Orally – Telephone, face to face or picture conference
  • Written – By missive or study
  • Visually – Bar charts, pie charts or histograms
  • Electronically – E-mail or facsimile

Screening and Protecting Information:After information is processed in an office it is so stored for future mention. This is done utilizing either a manual filing system or electronic papers direction system. Information held in paper format or on a computing machine has to be upheld harmonizing to the Data protection Acts 1988-2003, any confidential information should be right stored to avoid any unauthorized entree.

Three pieces of equipment used for these maps are:

The Fax MachineFax machines are used to direct images of a papers of pick over telephone line, this is an easy manner of directing printed of manus written paperss to another person’s facsimile. A facsimile will normally hold its ain phone figure and line they can besides direct and have at the same clip.

PhotocopierA photocopier is an office contraption used to do transcripts of paper paperss. There is a broad scope of photocopiers from little desktop 1s to the larger separate 1s, nevertheless offices would hold a freestanding photocopier as its gives forces easier entree.

ShredderA shredder is a machine used to scatter of any unwanted certification and would be normally used in offices. It is an effectual manner of acquiring rid of unwanted paperss as it cuts them into little subdivisions that would be about impossible to be put back together.


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