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Your chance to buy special plants

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Your chance to buy special plants A purchase from any of the seven plant sales listed below is, likeShakespeare’s celebrated mercy, twice blessed: the buyer getsplants he can seldom find anywhere else, while the selling organizationgains funds for its educational or conservation programs.

Now, while the soil is warm, the air is cooling, and fall rains areimminent, is the best possible time to plant. Admission to all saleslisted is free. Bring boxes for your purchases. Oakland.

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Your chance to buy special plants
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October 6. The Bay Area Chapter of the California NativePlant Society will hold its annual sale at Merritt College from 10 to 2.

From the Warren Freeway (State 13), take Redwood Road to Campus Drive,then follow signs. Concord.

October 6, 7. The Markham Arboretum Society will hold asale to raise funds for developing the new arboretum in Markham Park.Hours: 10 to 4. Sale takes place in the lathhouse area of the park,1202 La Vista Avenue.

St. Helena. October 6 and 7. The Napa Valley Chapter of theCalifornia Native Plant Society will sell natives, bulbs, and seeds at473 Main Street.

Hours: 10 to 3. Berkeley. October 13. The University of California BotanicalGarden will sell trees, shrubs, and California natives at the garden, onCentennial Drive.

Hours: 10 to 3. Most plants offered here are not incommerce; many have been propagated from material collected byuniversity botanical explorations. Santa Cruz. October 13.

The UCSC Arboretum Associates will holdtheir annual plant sale at the Barn Theater parking lot on the corner ofBay and High streets– the main entrance to the campus. Hours: 1 to 4; amembers-only presale will be held from 10 to 12. (Memberships cost $10;to join, send a check payable to the UCSC Foundation to Lee Duffus, 210Fridley Dr., Santa Cruz 95060.

) The UC Santa Cruz Arboretum isnoteworthy for its Australian plants and South Afriacan proteas andprotea relatives. Santa Rosa. October 13. The Milo Baker Chapter of the CaliforniaNative Plant Society will hold its sale from 10 to 2 at the VeteransMemorial Building on Highway 12 opposite the fairgrounds.

Santa Rosa. October 20. The Men’s Garden Club of Santa Rosawill hold its semiannual plant sale at the Coddingtown Mall from 9 to 6.Featured are winter vegetables and unusual indoor plants.

Look also forthe prize-winning pumpkins grown by children in a club contest.

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