Letter to the Future Me Essay

Hi - Letter to the Future Me Essay introduction. I’m not sure whether you can read this message. Maybe you have lost it or you had already thrown this letter away like rubbish. How’s life after 10 years? I bet everything can be done quicker because of the improving technology these days. I am 14 years old and I am now studying in Hong Kong Island School. My hobby is to draw funny cartoons. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift. I wonder what she looks like in the future. I think she is very pretty with her blonde hair. I bet she is still very famous even after 10 years from now. I love to try out some new music instruments which I have not tried before. In my class, classmates are friendly and class teachers are nice. I have met my best friend Kelly here and we are planning to host a sleepover party with others few weeks later. I’m so excited about it! The thing I most concern is, are you now a doctor or a musician? I’m now having a trouble on choosing the subject I’m going to study in secondary 4. I know that I have been spending most of my time on music rather than studies since primary 1.

I have always wanted to be a musician when I grow up. After I had received my biology exam paper, I suddenly have a thought of choosing doctor as my occupation few years later. I’m really frustrated and I hope my parents can choose one of them for me so everything can be much easier. What bothers me the most at this moment is the relationship with my parents. As I am growing older and older, I find that I don’t agree with my parents all the time anymore. Unlike before, I have started to have argues with them and ended we all feel very unhappy about the fight. Sometimes I don’t mean to quarrel them but I think that everyone has her own opinion. We should speak out when we have opposite thoughts. The difference between a rebel daughter and a daughter that tries to tell out her thoughts is, a rebel daughter will usually talk with a rude attitude. I hope I won’t become a rebel daughter either now or in the future. I also hope that the relationship between me and my parents can grow better. Love,

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