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A Teacher That Has Influence Your Life



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     As one grows and changes from a child to an adult, one looks back at one’s life and the many memories. Since one spent five days a week In school, It is no surprise that many of these memories are about school. One probably spent more time at school then at home as a child. As one looks back upon these memories there Is one teacher that we still cannot forget her name and still remember her face after so many years. These memorable teachers could have had a negative or positive impact on our lives but luckily in my case the teacher I remember had a positive impact on my life.

    Till the day of today I still remember my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Stacks. Mrs. Stacks kind of looked like Mrs. Doubter to be honest. She was warm and funny and had a captivating personality. Since the moment I walked into the class I felt welcomed. Mrs. Stacks was no easy cookie. She had a set of rules that had to be followed but her class didn’t feel in any way stressful. When she taught lessons to the class, she made sure everyone was engaged into the lesson. She had many hands on activities. We used to go Into the school garden for science to learn about certain things such as the life of a butterfly.

    I remember once going outside and doing a rocket experiment. To help our class remember our spelling words, she would hold spelling bee’s on Thursdays. There was not one person in the class who didn’t receive at least a “B” on their spelling test the next day. I believe the reason that everyone loved her was because the students felt that she actually loved us in return. She rewarded us when we used to do well and I believe this technique motivated her students to excel. I will never forget Mrs.. Stacks and what an amazing teacher she is. I hope one day I can impact and influence my students in the profound way she impacted my life.

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