About The Author’s Attempts to Immortalize His Wife and the Love of His Life

Use of symbols, her name and heaven, external conflicts, and alliteration. He puts himself in the center of his poem, express very personal thoughts, emotion and convictions. This poem, the author uses the poetic elements quatrains, couplet at the end. The 1st stanza is quatrain and the rhyme scheme is ABAB. The author and his woman were walking along the shore of the beach, and he attempts to write her name in the sand “I wrote her name, upon the strand” but the ocean’s waves washed it away as how many time he tried to wrote “wash it away”, “came the tide”. The main symbol of this poem is the name wrote on the sand, it symbolized his love for the woman he‘s with and it’s the initial reason this sonnet was written. The author used imagery to convey his feeling for his wife, but the waves make he feels that the ocean is taunting him and making him suffer.

The images of the beach waves crashing and erasing the name, also represent the first conflict in the poem. The poet has a conflict with the waves since he wants the name he has written in the sand to stay but the waves keep coming and making his “prey. ” He metaphorically represents the waves as a beast of some sort, hunting for prey; prey in which being the love he possess for his woman. The 2nd stanza is quatrain and rhyme scheme is BCBC. His wife steps in to tell the speaker “vain man”, and he needs to stop what he is doing and is vain for his efforts.

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His wife says that it is that of mortals to attempt to immortalize that which isn’t in existence any longer “a mortal thing”, “immortalize”. She claims that the man’s attempts were in vain and that no mortal being can be immortalized due to the cruelness of time . The simile “like” in this stanza that showed his wife compares herself to the vain attempt of immortality and says that she will “wash away” just like her name was washed away by the tide.

The 3rd stanza is quatrain and rhyme scheme is CDCD. It represents a turning point in the poem and the author reveals that his wife will be eternally remembered in his poems and his verse. This stanza as 2nd conflict of two lovers in this poem Once the dialogue starts, the woman indicates that a mortal thing such as love cannot be immortalized, calling him vain in his attempts. The speaker on the other hand is convinced that immortalizing his love for her is entirely possible, and that he will do it.

He feels that others things should die but she should be able to live forever, “not so”, “die in dust, but you shall live by fame”. He has figured out a way to prove his love for his woman for “eternity”, he concludes that he will immortalize his love for her in his writing, “eternalizing”, “her virtues” in his poems forever. He also reassures her that if the death occurs, he will write her name in heaven “the heavens write your glorious name”. Her name is being transferred from earth, a mortal place, to heaven, an immortal place.

The speaker of the poem not only resolves the conflict he faced with his woman, but he also solved his previous conflict of not being able to make the writing in the sand stay forever, and has figured out a way to prove his love for his woman for eternity. The final couplet at the end, “Where whenas Death shall all the world subdue, Out love shall live, and later life renew,” summarizes the theme of the poem by comparing the eternalness of love and death to the brevity of life and humanity, but the true love will be forever….

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