What am I Living for

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The question of the purpose of one’s existence or the reason for living is frequently pondered by individuals worldwide. There is a greater significance that goes beyond mere procreation and population growth. It becomes crucial for each person to uncover and pursue their life passions, as these aspirations essentially represent their dreams. However, in contemporary society, it can be challenging to explore and reveal these dreams. Individuals must determine what brings them happiness and where their talents lie; otherwise, navigating through life will be difficult. Dreams also act as the catalyst for people’s passions, propelling them to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

My main goal in pursuing my dream is to surpass the norm. After graduating from high school, I have decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Given the current state of the economy and potential future economic downturns, obtaining more education will provide individuals with improved job stability.

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As a university student, it is vital for me to determine my desired profession. This involves identifying what brings me happiness and where my skills lie. Personally, I derive satisfaction from staying fit through regular workouts and exercise. I am conscious of the commitment I put into it and strive to maintain outstanding physical condition.

As a result, I have chosen to study Health and Physical Education as my college major with the intention of becoming a high school teacher after earning my bachelor’s degree. I possess an inherent patience and genuine affection for children and teenagers, which brings me great joy in connecting with younger students. Additionally, my skills in leadership greatly enhance my capabilities as an educator. Over a span of ten years, I actively participated in 4-H and exhibited outstanding leadership within my high school sports teams.

Starting my teaching career, it would be extremely fortunate to have the chance to teach at a nearby school. However, after reading THE LAST LECTURE, I have realized that I must maximize the situation I am in. In essence, if I can only teach at a distant school, I am prepared to relocate. Achieving my dream is incredibly important to me and is commonly cited as life’s purpose when questioned by society.

Since childhood, I have always had a dream to create and nurture an incredible family. My ultimate goal is to live a satisfying life with an extraordinary partner and financially support as many children as possible. Interacting with my children, guiding them, and witnessing their personal growth firsthand will be my main focus. Whether I have one child or multiple, their bring limitless happiness that fuels my enthusiasm. Dreams inspire individuals to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their aspirations, shaping their identity. The journey towards realizing dreams requires unwavering dedication; however, I am fully devoted and will strive to give my utmost effort.

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