Acid Base Chemistry Essay

No credit will be given for this lab report if the Data section is not completely filled out and if the required photographs are not received. At least one photograph must show the student’s face. NOTE: This experiment is rather lengthy. Plan accordingly. OBJECTIVES 1 . Define strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte, nonelectrolyte, acid, base, salt, strong acid, weak acid, strong base, weak base, and neutralization reaction. 2. Compare and contrast the chemical reactions of strong and weak acids and strong and weak bases.

Define pH and the pH scale and understand how pH relates to the acidity of a substance. 4. Classify substances as acidic, basic, or neutral using a pH indicator. 5. Determine if a neutralization reaction has occurred. 6. Classify common household substances as acidic, basic, or neutral using a pH indicator. 7. Balance neutralization reactions. 8. Write net ionic equations for neutralization reactions. PROCEDURE Please complete the entire experiment as instructed in the lab manual except for any modifications noted below. Fill out the report below and submit it me electronically ia Canvas.

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Acid Base Chemistry
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Email the digital photographs to me at [email protected] edu . NOTE: Before answering the questions, you may want to review the tutorials on balancing chemical equations and writing net ionic equations that are in the Canvas course site. DATA AND OBSERVATIONS (25 points total) You need four digital photographs. At least one should show your face (with safety glasses) as you perform the experiment. Include these photographs: 1. Testing the sodium hydroxide with BTB (make sure I can see the sodium hydroxide after the BTB is added) 2.

Well plate after completion of data table 1 (make sure I can see the plate and its contents clearly) 3. Well plate after completion of data table 2 (make sure I can see the plate and its contents clearly) 4. Testing a household substance DATA AND OBSERVATIONS Data Table 1 – Using pH Paper and the Indicator Bromothymol Blue (BTB) (8 points) Chemical Name Chemical Formula Hypothesis: Acid or Base? pH BTB color Result: Acid or Base? 11A Acetic acid CH3COOH Acid 4. 0 Yellow 11B Hydrogen nitrate (Nitric acid) NH03 Base 2. 0 Orange lic Hydrogen sulfate (Sulfuric acid) H2S04 cid IID Phosphoric acid H3P04 11E CH3COONa 8. Blue 11F Sodium bicarbonate NaHC03 10. 0 116 Sodium dihydrogen phosphate NaH2P04 6. 0 Neutral 111-4 Sodium hydrogen sulfate NaHS04 12A Sodium bisulfite NaHS03 12B Limewater 12C Na3P04 12D Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate Na2HP04 12. 0 12E Ammonium hydroxide NH40H 12F Hydrochloric acid HCI 126 Sodium carbonate Na2C03 12H Sodium hydroxide NaOH A1 Nitric acid HN03 Sulfuric acid Sodium acetate pH:6. o BTB: yellow pH:2. o BTB: yellow orange pH:8. o blue pyq:10. o BTB: blue BTB:] green Trisodium phosphate BE PH: 6. 0 pH:4. o

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