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Evidence-Base Resolution to Resolve Research Ethical Barrier

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  • Pages 2
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    As nurse leaders it is imperative that we appreciate and respect patient’s rights and the choices to make their own decisions. As it relates to the patient in question, she has already stated her refusal of blood transfusion. Providing her with scientific literature on anemia and its prevention should be a priority. It is also important to determine whether the decision is based on genuine knowledge of the medical, religious and ethical situation as opposed to one based on misinformation or lack thereof. First looking for the of the cause of the anemia and collaboration with other healthcare team to treat members to come up with a plan that would best serve this patients needs, should also be a priory. Nurse Practitioners are challenged to apply knowledge, seek guidance, about the religious beliefs of the patient and make appropriate referrals to care for this patient and produce the best outcome.

    There are effective ways to treat anemia such as with manufactured erythropoietin which is generally an engineered form of hormone produced by the kidneys that regulates the production or red blood cells. Although experts have disagreed on administering this drug to treat anemia because of the high cost and insufficient benefit in the case of this patient, it is a reasonable choice to stimulate red blood cell production. The medical community has also offered these patients blood substitutes such as Hispan.

    Essential VIII is appropriate for this situation as it states that patient care should be client centered and culturally appropriate understanding in the planning, management and evaluation of evidenced-base clinical prevention and population based services to individuals, families and communities (AACN, 2011).

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