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Acid-base Titration Essay

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_____________________________________________________________________ We have determined the weight of HCI that has reacted with antacid tablet and weight of HCl/ gram of antacid tablet. In determining those we used the procedure and materials needed for the said experiment. In getting those we have used to trials to distinguish differences. The weight of HCL that has reacted with antacid tablet determined in this experimentation. The formula for this is wt. of HCl = MWHCl[(volumeHCI)(MolarityHCI)-(VolumeNaOH)(MolarityNaOH)] . The specified assessments are 0.1560488 g for the trial 1 and 0.

1684452 g for the trial 2.The formula for the efficiency is wt.of HCI/g antacid = wt. of HCI/ wt. of antacid. The weight of HCl/ gram of antacid tablet or the efficiency are 0.2869 g HCl/g tablet for trial 1 and 0.2798 g HCl/ g tablet for trial 2. This are the things that we determined in this said experimentation. _____________________________________________________________________

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Acid-base Titration
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In this experiment, we will learn the technique of acid-base titration. To compare the efficiency of commercially available antacids by looking at their wt.

of HCI/wt. of antacid values. Antacid tablets are probably one of the most widely used self-prescribed medicines. Antacid tablets counteract acidity by reacting with the excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Some tablets contain Al(OH)3 or Mg(OH)2 or both. These components neutralize the excess acids. (2) Excessive hydrochloric acid in the stomach causes a feeling of discomfort and a burning sensation beneath the breastbone resulting from a spastic backflow of the acid content into the esophagus (1). The efficiency of antacid tablets may be determined and compared by finding the number of grams HCI that can be neutralized by 1 gram of the tablet.

The Materials and reagents used in this experiment are the ff: For Reagents, standard 0.1 M HCI solution, standard 0.1 M HCI NaOH solution, 2 antacid tablets per brand and phenolphthalein indicator. For the materials, 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask, Base burette, Acid burette, medicine dropper, mortar and pestle, analytical balance and 100 ml graduated cylinder are used.

The methods in this experiment are the ff: Crush 2 antacid tablets using mortar and pestle. Weigh the crushed antacid to the nearest 0.01 g and transfer it quantitatively into a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Measure 50.0ml 0.1 M HCl using an acid burette and add this to the crushed antacid. Dissolve the antacid in the acid as completely as possible. Add 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Titrate the antacid mixture with 0.1 M NaOH until the solution turns to a faint pink color. Do at least 2 trials. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION

wt. of HCl = MWHCl[(volumeHCI)(MolarityHCI)-(VolumeNaOH)(MolarityNaOH)] wt.of HCI/g antacid = wt. of HCI/ wt. of antacid,

The results of the experiment are shown below.

No. of Trials
Weight of Tablet
0.544 g
0.602 g
Final Volume of NaOH
7.2 ml
11 ml
Initial Volume of NaOH
0 ml
Volume of NaOH used
7.2 ml
3.8 ml
Molarity of NaOH
0.1 M
Molarity of HCl
0.1 M
Volume of HCl
50 ml
50 ml
Weight of HCI that has reacted with antacid tablet
0.1560488 g
0.1684452 g
Weight of HCl/ gram of antacid tablet
0.2869 g HCl/g tablet
0.2798 g HCl/ g tablet

(1) PACT National Convention, C.E.U., 1998.
(2) Roberts, Julian L. Jr. et al. General Chemistry in the laboratory, 3rd edition. NY: W.H. Freeman and Co., 1991.

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