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Advertisement Analysis of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum



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    This AD is about an alcoholic beverage called Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. When you first see this AD you can clearly see that the focus of this ad is to make you want to drink. It jumps out and says drinking is cool. Its saying not directly but indirectly. The focus of it is to make you want to buy this beer because those people are drinking it. Theyre having a fun and great time, so the ad can get those people that want to have a fun and great time. The tone of this ad is pretty funny. As you can see the headline of this ad says, take off your pants and stay a while. You can make different interpretations of this ad which makes it even funnier. The voice is also very funny, because of that line. The language is quite funny to me, but some people that do not understand it probably would not enjoy this ad. Some people might think the language is ridiculous and inappropriate. Most young people would find this ad very natural to them. I am not saying that old people wouldnt like this ad, but some of them might not get it or understand the humor of the ad. It all depends what your definition of humor is. The audience is mainly designed for younger people. I can conclude this by seeing that all the people in cabin are young, maybe in there 20s. Also they could be snowboarding and not a lot of old people snowboard. So this ad is mainly to attract the younger folks. The design of this is pretty thought out. The whole logo is in red, and the ad is in black and white so they try to catch your attention by doing that. You turn the page in the magazine and all of sudden you see take off your pants and stay a while you probably are going to see what the ad is all about. I think its smart advertising that they have the main logo in red and the alcohol colored but the background in black and white. The captain is also smiling and everybody is having a good time so you think to yourself I guess this alcohol makes you have a good time. I would rate this ad out of a 10 probably an 8 because it really catches my attention but also I think they were trying way to hard to do it and that made it really obvious. Otherwise its a nice ad and a pretty good way of advertising.


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