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HRSIS – Job Description and Advertisement

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To install ND configure PC’s and associated peripherals and software Responsibilities and Duties: To provide technical support to telephone and email requests from users for all PC hardware, software and associated peripherals. Provide helpless support and resolve problems to the end user’s satisfaction Monitor and respond quickly and effectively to requests received through the IT helpless Modify configurations, utilities, software default settings, etc. For the local workstation Utilize and maintain the helpless tracking software Document internal procedures Assist with nonbinding of new users

Ensure each workstation has a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and any additional specialized equipment Install, test and configure new workstations, peripheral equipment and software Maintain inventory of all equipment, software and software licenses Report issues to the Service Desk for escalation Manage PC setup and deployment for new employees using standard hardware, images and software Perform timely workstation hardware and software upgrades as required To maintain the existing PC’s and peripherals to standards determined by the IT Manager Leader, by performing upgrades, new installations and carrying out outing procedures.

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HRSIS – Job Description and Advertisement
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To assist in the compilation of the Support Center’s technical documentation, guidelines and procedures and ensure they are disseminated to users.

To develop and maintain active and progressive working relationships with all members of Support Centre Team Other duties: To maintain personal and professional development to meet the changing demands of the Job, participate in appropriate training activities and encourage and support staff in their development and training. To undertake such other duties, training and/ or hours of work as may be reasonably required and which are consistent with the neural level of responsibility of this Job. To undertake health and safety duties corresponding to the Health and Safety Policy Direct Reporting Relationships: Team Leader/let Manager (Help Desk/Support Centre) -? Qualifications and Experience required: A Tertiary qualification in Information Technology or other IT Qualifications e. G. Industry Certification I. E. MICE. Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems or related field. 1 or 2 years of relevant technical experience.

Administer user accounts within Active Directory environment Conduct hardware or software upgrades and assessments as required Participate in and undertake ad hoc IT projects under the direction of the IT Manager Desired Skills and Experience The successful applicant will display the following skills and experience: Customer focused with excellent communication skills Excellent trouble shooting skills Must have Certificate in Microsoft Operating Systems and relevant tertiary qualification in Information Technology Takes responsibility for the quality of all deliverables, contributes to doing things better and faster Have 1-2 years’ experience n a similar IT/Helpless Support role Professional and positive attitude Strong verbal and written communication skills Excellent grammar and spelling Strong computer skills with sound experience with IT applications Computer skills in Word, Excel and Outlook. Selection of Candidates: Candidates will be evaluated on merit against all of the various components that make up the position description.

Assessment will take into account all information that is determined to be appropriate, egg written application, qualifications, interview, work samples, experience and referee reports. In return you will be rewarded with a ark environment where you will continue to learn, be challenged with a variety of client needs and requirements small and large, be rewarded with a salary of $ask – ask plus super, negotiable depending on experience, and have access to parking. Applicant Information: Applications close: Friday 1 5th August 2014 Please email your applications, including: a covering letter, curriculum vitae to [email protected] Com Only applicants that meet the criteria for this role will be contacted.

For further information, please call Viet +61 2 8905 1400 or email [email protected] Com -? About Company: Since the company’s inception in 1994, Dancer’s commitment to quality customer service has seen the business develop significantly to currently offer a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions to hundreds of clients across Australia. Australian owned and operated, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and established partner relationships in major centers throughout Australia. At Dancers you would be part of a team of smart, highly motivated individuals who are ready to participate in the development and delivery of innovative IT solutions, for clients across a wide breadth of industries.

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