Advertising and Promotional Strategy for Beryl’s

Prepare an integrated promotional strategy for Beryl’s. You should consider the following:  Explain the principle and process of campaign management. Combine appropriate techniques into an integrated and cost effective campaign. Present promotional recommendations in the form of a promotional plan . Suggest appropriate measures for assessing campaign effectiveness .Promotional plan is “an outline of the marketing tools, strategies and resources that a company intends to use to promote a product or service.

A promotional plan is usually considered a vital planning tool by most business managers that helps contribute toward the successful launch of a new product or service or its expansion into a new market. ” Based on the explanation, promotional plan is plan that has been created by a company to promote their product or service. Usually, this plan is used for a company to measure their budget to promote their products. There are 7 step of promotional plan that can be seen in the diagram below. The first step is analyzing the market. The most common method of analyzing the market is by conducting market research.

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Among the popular methods of researching the market is observation, survey, interview and by collecting primary data. In order for beryls to success in Malaysian market, the first things that beryls must know are all about the characteristics in Malaysia market. In terms of the Malaysian households earn a monthly income and also the population of people that live in Malaysia so that it will be easier for beryl’s to target their consumers for their products especially for those live in the urban area. All the information can be get using either primary data or secondary data.

From this data, beryl’s will know which area that they must focus more in the urban area to sell beryl’s chocolate. Urban area tend to be the chosen place because this area is the most suitable to grab the target market with higher number population of people living there. The reason I am choosing to focus more on main town at each state because the higer number pf people live there, moreover at these place, places to get or people to buy beryls is nearer or easily for example retail such as seven eleven can easily be found and more at big town.

The second step is to identifying target markets. In this process it involve segmentation, Targeting & Positioning. Beryl’s should be notice that the audience should match the target market as closely as possible. The segmentation characteristics of the market are identified, so we will begin with to identify promotional strategies to reach group of the consumers. Geographic segmentation is a dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations, regions, states, counties, cities, or even neighborhoods.

Beryl’s decided to operate in geographical areas because we want to pay attention to geographical differences in need and wants of consumer. To introduce beryls chocolate in Malaysia market, we must know the population in Malaysia. An urban area is characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to areas surrounding it. “Urban areas may be cities, towns or conurbations” Usually, people who stayed at town and city or we call as an urban area and the lifestyle is different with people who stayed at rural area.

Other than that, we can segment beryls chocolate at urban area because at this area the population is high from year to year and mostly people who live at urban are a re more likely to eat chocolate and have money to buy it. Based on the table above beryl’s chocolate can be segment at urban area for example kuala lumpur and penang. There are a lot of places we can distribute beryl’s chocolate such as Supermarket and hypermarket, Carrefour, or 7Elevant and other small retailer which is the best place to distribute the product and attention place for people to buy and easy to get to buy beryl’s chocolate.

Beryls come out with more than 100 varieties of chocolates of difference packaging, so for small retail will be distribute to chocolates range from sen to ringgit that not expensive, but for supermarket will be more choices of varieties of beryls and at each state there should be a boutiques of beryl’s for all beryl’s chocolates, thus making easily for people to go and buy berysl chocolate they need, this mean that customers have more places to buy instead going to boutiques provided at beryls factories.

“Demographic segmentation is based on variables such as age, gender, ethnicity, education, occupation, income, and family status. ” Demographic segmentation is refers to the product that suitable to produce for the customer. It is based on the age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, religion, education, race, generation and nationality.

For the demographic segmentation, on that advertising of beryl’s chocolate in Malaysia market we focus on income of people where are they are salary above than RM1 000. This is because beryl’s chocolate is targeted to people of medium class. Beryl’s chocolate is not expensive and not so cheap. As you can see the highest rate is starting from RM1 000. So that, with this income range it can help us to market our chocolate product to customer. 2. Targeting Mass market Concentrated marketing occurs when a business concentrates its marketing effort on one segment of the market.

The firm will develop a product that caters for the needs of that particular group. For example beryls focus on beryls mini chocolate to target it market, this mean all the advertisement done focus on this single product. Concentrated marketing can have lower costs than the other two options. It can be a good option for small or new businesses. The disadvantage is that it reduces the number of customers that the firm is targeting. It also means that the firm needs to be sure that they have selected the correct segment of the market.

There are three targeting strategies that can be used by firms when aiming their products and services at market segments. Undifferentiated marketing implements one marketing strategy aimed at the whole market place, differentiated marketing tailors marketing efforts for each market segment chosen by the firm, whilst concentrated marketing tailors marketing strategy for one particular segment of the market. Each of the three targeting strategies has its advantages and disadvantages; these should be weighed up when deciding which one to adopt.

Actually beryls can apply others targetting strategy because beryls have more than 100 chocolates products that could be targeted to all segments. But for our beryls mini chocolate, we use concentrated marketing implement because we want to let all people notice about berly chocolate in the market. I also suggest to the beryl’s company to focus on the mass market. This is because this strategy is more effective because we are not focus on one for one product to one target not like the niche market. Mass market is more suitable for the medium quality products like beryl’s chocolate because mass market is suitable for the convenience products .

These are products that appeal to a very large market segment. They are generally consumed regularly and purchased frequently and are targeted to all people.

Positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization. Positioning strategies can be conceived and developed in a variety of ways. It can be derived from the object attributes, competition, application, the types of consumers involved, or the characteristics of the product class.

All these attributes represent a different approach in developing positioning strategies, even though all of them have the common objective of projecting a favorable image in the minds of the consumers or audience. There are many approaches to positioning strategies but I will only focus on Quality Approach or Positioning by Price-Quality. Beryls chocolate is delicious with premium quality and with affordable price and good services. So by positioning beryl’s chocolate is the best way to put it into customer mind. In this case, this strategy is important because we want customer to have knowledge about the beryl’s chocolate.

It is based on the brand name of our product and also for competitive advantages. The first step that we must do is identifying the possible competitive advantages towards our new products. We will provide brand recognition towards beryl’s chocolate and differentiate the image by create catchy tagline or Unique selling propositions (USP) that can attract people eye when they see the tagline. For the beryl’s chocolate tagline we choose every bite is happiness for our tagline. For those the first time who see the advertisements with this tagline they may feel excited and must be attracted with the sentences of the tagline.

They must think that with every bite if they eat beryl’s chocolate will bring them happiness. So this may attract them to contact the detail and also to search more information at the beryl’s website. To inform Malaysian citizen about beryl’s chocolate and to increase the number of customers up to 70% for the next 3 months and by the end of year 2014.  To persuade Malaysian citizen to buy beryl’s chocolate up to 70% for the next 3 months and by the end of year 2014.  To remind Malaysian citizen about the existence of beryl’s chocolate company. To differentiate beryl’s chocolate company from its competitors, other chocolate brands with 70% consumers change to beryls as they preferred chocolates.  For the third step is developing promotional objective. Promotional objectives are the means by which you plan to get the word out about your product or business. The secret to developing great promotional objectives is to make them quantifiable. From this promotional objective the company will know what they want and also be as the direction for them to create the promotional plan.

In general, an objective is broader in scope than a goal, and may comprise of several difference goals. To make beryl’s chocolate success in Malaysia market, beryl’s company must set the objective. To make the audiences get the information about the product use advertising, we must create the objective based on SMART principle as the guideline to create clear and specific objective, where S stand for specific the objective, M is measurable, A for achievable, R is for realistic and lastly T is for time line. The objective will guide the marketer on the course of action that they will take.

To create objective, we must take action to all employees and also manager about new objective and the objective must get feedback from each other and not a personal decision. Regarding to the objectives that have been set, this objective will facilities the identification of target audience and budgeting. Beryls must focus to who they target for the beryls mini chocolate and how much the budgeting for each advertising.

Next, fourth step is select promotional mix. Before we set up our budget we must first determine the most appropriate promotional strategies to reach the target market, achieve organizational objectives, and to be remaining with the budgetary as our guidelines. The most suitable promotional tools are stated in the table above. Beryl’s have been select the media for advertise their products using “above the line tool” which in printed advertisement, radio, billboard and also in TV commercial.

For the printed advertisement, beryl’s will advertise in the magazines for example magazines that have many readers especially for the women. So I choose magazines NONA and RAPI because these magazine more women buy it. For tv commercial, we tend to choose TV3 as a medium, so beryls tv commercial will be advertise during breaks of tv programs for the advertisement in television. There are more advantages when I choose television and magazine media. Advantages use the television as a media is its ability to reach people in widely area and also the ability to diverse the audiences.

As the advertising agency we must be creative on all the opportunities for the demonstration. When the advertising able to create strong messages, it will attract more audience to look at our advertising and also we can attract more customers to buy our product. Next is “below the line tool” for beryl’s, I prefer to choose sales promotion to promote beryls mini chocolate to the customers. For trade consumer the suitable method to choose is direct market. This is because all these types of promotional tools can make the cost be calculated wisely so it can be integrated into cost-effective campaign.

Sales promotion Direct Marketing Magazine Billboard Television Radio For the step five is develop promotional budget. After the objective and promotional mix are determined, the next plan is the promotional budget. In order to be effective, it is important to determine the budget after the objective is set. If the budget is determine first, the objective might be scale down or eliminated because of the expenses.

There a few techniques for budget plan , there are percentage of sale method, unit of sale method, competitive party method and affordability but I choose percentage of sale in order to develop this plan because according to Dyson who wrote another Admap article on “how to budget better” had quoted research that shows promotional as a percentage of sales is far the most popular method due to 53% of companies seenm to use this approach. In order to forecast the promotional objective by using this method we should know the formula of the budget calculation such as below. Regarding to the percentage of promotional budget we will use 15% from sales to make an advertising to give customers aware about beryls chocolate. For the budget advertising, we get the budget RM 1, 500,000. So the expected sales for beryls chocolate that can sale is 1 000 000 units within 3 month promotion.

We have to refer to the table 1 below, for the promotional budget as a percent of estimated sales and also table 2 for the promotional budget for the planned activities. These two tables must interrelate because from this we can achieve the objectives.

After the budget has been decided the Sixth step is Implement the Promotional Plant schedule must be set.

This includes naming people or department responsible for implementation of various parts of the plan and to determine the timetable for each promotional strategy. Here, specific money from the total promotional budget will be allocated to each activity. In this case, I suggested to the beryls in order to ensure all the activities will be launch on the right time, the scheduling must be follow for monthly about the programs. Table below show the schedule made in order for the progress of the plans for completing activities related towards the specific program that will be done.

The last step is evaluating the result. After we had implement the promotional process through the execution process we should analyze or evaluate the result from the implementation process whether the promotional process is success or not.

Based on all the activities that we had make, we can successfully achieve our objective. From this situation we should analyze result starting from the first step. In the first step of the promotional plan is we analyze the market, this is the basic overview that we done to analyze Malaysian market. The second step is that we identify the target market that we want to introduce and sell our products. In this step, that involves segmentation, targeting and positioning process. The third step is developing promotional objective is about creating a new objective for beryl’s.

The next step is sales promotional mix, it is about the list of above and below the line technique that have been use by beryl’s in order to make the promotional plan activities successful so that it could meet the promotional objective that have been set earlier. After that is the preparing the promotional budget. We should know and predict whether the budget that has been forecast is appropriate to the cost of business promotional activities to be carried out. Our next and importance step is implementation of the promotional plan. This is where all the advertising plan before have been implement.

The successful for all of these advertising activities can be seen in this step. According to the implementation process, we could see that my advertising agency was able to run the promotional activities for beryls by following the budget that has been set earlier. Lastly, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional plan we can use the questionnaire method. After we had applied the the entire promotional plan for three months, beryls company should design and conduct a questionnaire among customers. So from that beryls will know what else to be done for the improvement.

If the result from questionnaire shows good feedback they should maintain their good quality and services but if get bad feedback, beryls need to improve for a better so customers will satisfied. Recommendations Based from the promotional plan that have been design earlier there seem to be some limitation for beryl’s company to use others “below the line tools” for the promotional activities. This is because, even though beryl’s is not new in Malaysia market, but to be so exposed reach the customers is still new for beryl’s to be so drastic to compete with competitors from multinational companies.

But after the 3 months of beryls products promotional plan has success, I would recommend beryls to use others type of “below the line technique” such as publicity, public relation and sponsorship. As we all know that publicity didn’t involve money if the beryls master how to publicize their public image to the market. Publicity is mention in the media. Organization usually have little control over the messages in the media, either it was direct or indirect publicity, both still will give positive impact to the company.

By using publicity, whether it was printed, broadcast or online, will result to increase in brand integrity. It can also create customer trust on the product too. In can be same by doing public relation and sponsorship, it is an increasingly common form of promotional activity nowadays. Such as supporting an event, activity or organization by providing money or other resources that is of value to the sponsored event. This is usually in return for advertising space at the event or as part of the publicity for the event.

For example beryls can support some event such as charity program and education event. For public relation, beryls can cooperate with NGO or non- government organization such as rumah anak yatim by dong corporate social responsibility or CSR. From that activities it could indirectly enchancing the beryls company name and public image due to people love getting free chocolates and also knows who sponsoring it. By doing this, it will later on increase beryls sale as fans can also become customers later on after they have try with beryls chocolate.

This also can be good way to change people who loyalt to cabburry, hersley chocolate to try beryls by first let them try it for free. Beside that, I also suggest that beryls use more sale promotion such as some free gift and coupon that could attract many potential customers to buy beryls other chocolate products. Beryls can also make a contest such as take pictures while eating beryls chocolate. That mean enjoy moment with beryls, those who pictures or video was creative and attractive could win prizes.

Measures for assessing campaign effectiveness There are many types or methods that can be use to measure the promotional campaign effectiveness. The most popular tools that have been used in many business organization in Malaysian are survey questionnaire, interview and also by referencing to their annual sales report. To measure our objective has achieved or not we could make a questionnaire on survey based on the respondent from that questionnaire we could get feedback and know our objective has reach the target or not.

We could also listen to customer’s opinion about our company and our chocolate products by doing interview with some customers and people. Lastly, we can simply evaluate the promotional plan effectiveness just by seeing sales revenue after three months progress of promotional activities have been carried out. If the sale is increasing dramatically, that will shows us the our activities that was planned and carried out has been successful and meet the promotional objective that was set earlier.

If the objective can be attained, that probably we have made mistake in somewhere, so correction have to be make. Conclusion As a conclusion, beryls can successfully integrate strategy for it products using above and below the line tool. Marketing manager of beryls have employed my advertising agency to create the advertisements and promotions for beryls company and it selected product to remind, inform and persuade Malaysian citizen to buy and eat beryls chocolate.

In order for beryls company to success in Malaysian market, this company must follow the seven steps of promotional plan that include analyze the market, identify the target market, develop promotional objective, develop promotional budget, select promotional mix, implement promotional plan and lastly evaluate the results. So now berys should know the effective ways of using promotional tool and plan so hopefully beryls will able to achieve it new objective thus increase it sales profit and public image.


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