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In the United States, the healthcare system is ruled by corporate greed alone. The well being of individuals of our country has been put aside, with the amount of money it costs is the prime motivation for insurance today. A price has been put on the value of human life. Without universal healthcare, the price for the healthcare of our economy has skyrocketed. A pair of gloves that a doctor uses to examine a patient have a private cost of approximately $50 per box of 100; a non-sterile pair costs up to 53 dollars per pair in an office.

Another necessity that has been wildly overpriced is the use of overhead light in an operating room, which costs about 94 dollars. For the use of an overhead light, a patient is forced to pay a ridiculous fee if they do not have insurance. However, with insurance, there is usually a copay on top of their regular fees. Along with the inflation of healthcare services, the welfare of patients has been compromised. The rule of receiving necessary tests like an MRI is a maze for doctors to order while still being covered by insurance.

Usually, the insurance company will require that services be approved by the company before being given to a patient. Not only does this put a patient at risk when a test is necessary, but even if the test is under their insurance and it is given without approval, the patient is still charged. Another consequence of the lack of universal healthcare is that almost half of the patients that went to the emergency room before the Affordable Healthcare Act went not because they were incredibly sick or injured, it was because it was the only place they could. They went because the ER is lawfully required to care for people with or without payment. The future of the youth of America has been compromised due to a lack of a healthy foundation for future success.

Not every family can afford the heinous expense of the healthcare of the present, so that creates a situation for the children that require special help. Without the proper foundation, they are more likely to be more involved in crime, require welfare or live with chronic health care issues as an adult. Even if they can afford the insurance, the copays are ridiculous. In the final analysis, the healthcare system is morally jaded and needs reformation.

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