Aggressive Drivers

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The number of vehicles on freeways and streets is increasing at an alarming rate. This influx of motor vehicles is creating hazardous conditions.

Moreover, drivers are in such a rush to get to their destinations that many become angry or impatient with other motorists who are too slow or who are in their way. Aggressive drivers react foolishly towards others in several dangerous ways.One way an angry driver may react is to cut off another motorist. This, however, can cause both: serious accidents and disturbing movement.

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As a motorist tries to cut off another one he would shift from one side to another without signalling or looking. This, indeed, would endanger other motorists as they might not be able to keep their automobiles under control and their vehicles might skid and crash into each other. As a result, a small movement might cause a serious collision that involves many cars. Moreover, by shifting and cutting off others” way, the influx of motor vehicles might be disturbed and this might cause a lot more mess in motorways.

Another way is to tailgate the other car. But sometimes this irresponsible behaviour might cause serious accidents. For example, Abu Ahmad, who is a taxi driver, was once angry of another driver. He kept tailgating him but unfortunately the other driver had to stop emergently as a young boy suddenly appeared in front of him.

Indeed, Abu Ahmad had to slam on his brakes. His car swerved, skidded and crashed into another vehicle. As a result, he had to stay in a hospital for 3 weeks and to spend thousands of Syrian pounds to repair what he has damaged.In addition to cutting off and tailgating other cars, aggressive drivers often use rude language or gestures to show their anger.

Exaggerating in using bad language embarrasses pedestrians and other drivers. Furthermore, these insulting words are usually very offensive and may cause fighting between drivers in case the other driver get out of his car and start swearing and shouting.Although law enforcement authorities warn motorists against aggressive driving, the numbers who act out their angry impulses has not declined. This, indeed, is the result of tow factors: not legislating serious punishments for aggressive driving and ignoring the rules of driving by many motorists.

On the one hand, legislating punishments for foolish behaviours is very crucial to decrease the number of such accidents.At the same time that police officers have the right to arrest any driver who is drunk they should also have the right to capture aggressive drivers as both drunk and foolishly behaving drivers threaten the safety of motorways. On the other hand, our drivers should be more accurate in obeying the rules. For instance, they should look and signal before overtaking other cars.

They should also stop when they come to a junction. This, consequently, would reduce the reasons that cause anger between drivers.To conclude, aggressive drivers are endangering everyone because they create hazardous conditions by acting and driving foolishly. However, in my opinion, the government should play its role in watching this phenomenon and controlling it.

Besides, the drivers should control their anger and learn to drive safely. After all, the lives they save could be their own.

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