American Health Care System

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American Health Care Systems are known to be highly reliable due to the advanced technology and knowledge of certain diseases and disorders. Most Americans know that healthcare in America surely takes care of people, and it is a matter of financial standpoint in how good of healthcare you can obtain. It is also known that healthcare isn’t provided to everyone, which means it isn’t universal unlike most other countries around the world.

The cost of American Health Care would scare most people in other countries who can obtain healthcare for free. Many have debated on whether healthcare in America is worth it due to the high demand of money from patients who are in need of it. Not only does it cost a great amount, America also spends the most per capita on it in comparison to other countries who are of higher income. People have compared it to other countries that provide universal health care that are of little to no cost. On the other hand, people have said that there is no point in free health care because it doesn’t provide highly reliable support and a huge increase in taxes that cover health care.

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Those who are less fortunate or live in poverty can apply for medi-care which helps people who can’t afford healthcare to receive some sort of care, such as, family doctor or local dentists. However, this is the same problem as free healthcare in which people with medi-care don’t get the best doctors or medical care they can if they were to be in good financial status. Essentially, high income Americans receive the best medical help in the country. In the end, it is about whether or not American health care systems are good for all Americans. This topic is more essential to speak of now for America considering they are number 1 in coronavirus cases. We are in need of more research regarding healthcare.

Pros of American Health Care System

Insurance has been a life-saver for many fellow Americans who struggle in the world of capitalism that is America. Mexican Americans have one of the lowest incomes and most live in poverty, therefore it would seem they would have no access to healthcare that is effective in taking care of their well-being. However, recent studies found that health insurance benefits were the highest amongst low-income neighborhoods. The effectiveness of healthcare insurance advantages had many to do with other resources that provide such services (Richter et al., 2015).

We see that health insurances even help those who are in crucial conditions that would require the highest cost from health care services. In their article by Richter et al. (2015), they mention that Mexican Americans who live in the barrio residence receive the highest benefits from health insurances. This is especially for Mexican American women with node negative breast cancer. These residences consist of a variety of high poverty neighborhoods with lack of resources.

The Medicare Association has been a good light to the American healthcare system. People who have applied for medicare are now more experienced and comfortable with managed care. Medicare plans have highly improved on the quality that they provide for benefactors. It is stated that Americans who have medical insurance are more inclined to stay in medicare plans (Sinaiko, Anna D, & Zeckhauser, Richard, 2015).

Not only does the American health care help the citizens of America but also the United States Army. And it is well needed for the immense conditions they have to endure. Every soldier is given free behavioral health services, which consists of high-cost treatments. They are able to consult therapists, receive psychotropic medications, and hospitalization, all of which are unlimited to each soldier. In addition, those who are family members of U.S. soldiers also have unlimited behavioral health services usually with no cost (Oh et al., 2020).

Cons of American Health Care System

The immense cost of medical and hospital bills is what drives many Americans away from seeking any form of help when they deem it to be not needed. The cost ranging as high as a single bill for a visit to a hospital or monthly drug need for a chronic condition that can be life threatening could put a weight financially on a middle-class family (Engel 2018).

The debate of whether quality or quantity is better for a health care system. It’s needed for the quality of health care to be greater. However, America wasn’t as focused on that matter. Engel (2018) stated that an increase in healthcare inflation was due to constant production of new pharmaceuticals, procedures, and medical devices which resulted in payers suffering from the inflation.

Asian Americans have experienced first-hand the cons of the american healthcare. Doctors who can’t understand minorities and connect with them on a level equivalent to patients who are of similar race to the doctors. As reported from Asian Americans, Counselors and Psychiatrists seem to not spend as much time with their patients and they did not seem as invested to their background and values in comparison (Ngo Metzger et al. 2004).

Reports have shown that racial disparity is the cause of clinical support and disease areas from American healthcare towards Asian Americans. This is why they receive less counseling compared to White Americans. It is suggested that the reason why these educated individuals in the medical field have a pattern that seems to be discriminatory is simply because of ‘stereotypes’ that are used to have an instant cognition about their patients (Ngo Metzger et al., 2004).

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