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Effective Communication in Health and Social Care Environments

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I confirm that the work contained within this assignment is my own work or has been accredited to the original author. Student Signature: ……………………………………………………………….. Definition of explain: Make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas. Developing effective communication in health and social care environments is vital as to ensure that a project or task is done correctly, Communication helps you and patients/residents understand each other and what needs to be done, without this

you may end up telling the incorrect information to a patient/work partner or the patient/work partner may not get the correct message and end up doing something incorrect.

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Effective Communication in Health and Social Care Environments
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P1 The Positive aspects of communication in a health and social care Setting. 1. building trust: If your communication techniques are done correctly towards staff and service users this can lead to building trust with each other, trust is vital in health and social care setting due to many people depending on their health and care to be attended to by

unknown people, example; when you’re giving patients medicine or information to help there health, if there isn’t any trust or a lot of the patient may feel unsafe or unsure to take the medicine or advice given, however this can also lead to the patients self esteem being effect as if they feel vulnerable in the first place then to be given information from some one they don’t trust may lead to them doubting the advise or feeling like they there unsafe and not worthy enough of the correct advise nor medicine.

2. bulding relationships: this is critical in health and social care

Environments as if you don’t build relationships with the staff and service users so you can understand what people want and why they want it, and also to make people feel comfortable and safe, if this isn’t done correctly service users and staff may begin to feel unwanted and the environment of a health and care setting placements can frighten them, leaving with low self esteem about them self and also they may persuade them self that they are un safe in those settings ,resulting in them not returning often, therefore could effect their health. 3.

vulnerability:Good communication can build to helping the service users or even the staff to feel less vulnerable, many people would feel vulnerable In health and social care setting as they’d have to put their trust and health into some one else’s hands and that can leave them feeling vulnerable due to the lack of control and having to open up and become very personal to some one they may not know very well or have even met for the first time. So by the communication being used appropriately then can be received to the service user, this can help them open up and feel more at ease knowing that they are safe and being treated for accordingly.

4. to respond appropriately: If you respond correctly to an services users questions or needs they will feel respected and safe, unlike if you didn’t by being rude and seeming un-interested, they’d start to feel worried as this is their health in your hands, also if you a don’t respond correctly to them about there medicine or what they need to do they could end up doing the wrong thing and could even make their condition worse. This also works to service users as if you don’t respond appropriately to them they may get the wrong information and hand over the information to some one else or even themselves. 5.

To work with people od different ages and diverse backgrounds: This is important as diversity is everyone and everyone is different, also peoples needs and illness are different rom person to person therefore being able to communicate to everyone correctly you’ll be able to help them regain their full health, if this is not done some being may feel discriminated against due to there differences which is uncontrollably not their fault and therefor may not trust or respect the information given, the treatment or medicine given, or even miss understand what you have said and miss use the information ,treatment or medicine.

Definition of discuss: To speak with another or others about; talk over. ,To examine or consider (a subject) in speech or writing. P2 Discuss theories of communication. Stages of communication-Michael argyle (1972) 1)An idea occurs ,e. g wanting to buy an item. 2)message coded, this means putting our desire of the item into a language/pictures/writing or any other median you can think of. 3)message sent, here you communicate your desire of this item.

4)message received this is who we notify our desire to; the audience has received our message. 5)message decoded, they now must take what we have told them( the item we desire) however, not all message are this straight forward, so this is where a breakdown may occur as they may decode the message incorrectly. 6)message understood- hopefully the last step was understood effectively and understand what you were trying to communicate, now the cycle can begin anew.

The communication cycle (Michael argyle) can improve the one aspect from P1 the building trust as the communication theory done here shows how to communicate correctly and If communication is done correctly it’ll build trust as the information shall be helping the person and they’ll realise this. Also Michael argyles theory can be used assessing a patient can be used as it breaks done the questions and it shows check by check how to communicate to the patient there fore getting a diagnosis would be easier.

Tuckman(1965) – four stages of group interaction. 1) Forming-the team is assembled and take is allocated. Time spent planning, collecting, information gathering and bonding. 2) Storming-starts to address the task, suggesting ideas, ideas may compete. If done wrong can ruin task. Relationships will either be made or broken, if the team is too focused it can mean the team has strong leadership. 3) Norming- starts to become more harmonious working practices with team agreeing on rules and values, started to trust each other, and less use of

team leaders, risk is team loses either their creative edge or the drive that brought them to this position due to becoming comfortable. 4) Performing:- not all teams make it to the performing stage. Identified by high levels of independence, motivation, knowledge and complete decision making in collaborative and seen to be respectable. Discuss a situation whens Tuckmans theory is apparent; it would be beneficial to link this to a health and social care either from experience or using an example, you need to review the four stages.

Examples of situations in a health and social care setting: 1. A set of nurses are given a section of the hospital to look after a set of patients, they gather the patients information and forms, Also, all the nursing are getting to know each other. 2. the nurses set to address each other which patients they shall be looking after and the patient’s individual needs, the relationship with the staffs and service users made be either made or broke hear. 3.

the team of nurses start to understand what there rules are and what the tasks enquire of them, also the patients needs and routine. May lose the drive to work as hard due to becoming comfortable. 4. all work harmonious and understand each other really well and understand the tasks that our required from them towards the patients so the paints have the most enjoy stay/treatment, however not all teams make it to this stage. http://www. teambuilding. co. uk/Forming_Storming_Norming_Performing. html http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_the_Argyle_communication_cycle

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