American Population in 1900 to 1910 and the Literacy Rate

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            Among the several countries in the world, America in present is the country with the largest economy (“United States of America”, n.pag.). The United States of America is a very huge country with 50 states. In present, America is the leading country in terms of education, energy, health care and technology. Aside from these fields, America is a significant leader too in the fields of service industries, manufacturing of different products and descriptions and space exploration (“United States of America”, n.pag.). As of July 2008, there are 303,824,646 people in the United States of America wherein 52% are Protestants, 24% are Catholics and the remaining percentage falls into other religions (“United States of America”, n.pag.). In the past years, America had been a subject of great history as they fought back against their colonizers. They were able to protect their country and have their freedom back. Despite of the fact that the population of Native Americans, mostly Indians was smaller as years go by, the settlers from Europe gave way to the birth of New America (“United States of America”, n.pag.).

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            Although we see America as a very successful country and its region as highly established industries, there are a number of people who were not well educated or illiterate. Despite of the fact that we can never blame the government or the authorities for this issue, we can never stop to at least share our side. In 1900 until 1910, there had been changes in the total population and at the same time, there had been differences in the number or percentage of white, colored and black people residing in different states. Aside from this, there had been records of illiterate people which we could sense as a bothering discovery because of the success that each region had during these decades.

Description of the North

            The northern part of United States is the part wherein the people or the residents highly disagree of Slavery. There are 20 states included in the northern territory of U.S. and these states were known as the northerners. The region is also known as the Union and in this place, there are diverse culture and practices which highly depends on the state. The northern part of United States of America is really progressive.

Description of the West

            On the other hand, there are 15 states in the western part of the United States of America. These states were the westernmost part of the country and also referred to as the American West or simply the West.

Interpretation of the West and the North

            Considering the tables shown in Census, one will understand that there had been changes in the population of the states from 1900 to 1910. Also, the number of illiterates changed. Some states had lesser while others had a leap.

            In 1900, Nevada had the least amount of the total number of people residing i9n the state. On the other hand, New York has 7,268,894 residents, the largest population among the states in the North. When it comes to literacy, New Hampshire has only 109 illiterate residents compared to Georgia’s 379,156 illiterates, the largest number among the states.

            By 1910, New York had the most number of people while Pennsylvania and Illinois follows respectively. These were the same list of most populated states in North United States in the 1900s. On the other hand, Nevada had the least number of people with only 81,875 residents in total. In this same period, there had been changes too in the population of illiterates. This time, New York, the most populated state has the most number of illiterates while Nevada has the least number of illiterates.

Description of the South

            Southern United States is primarily composed of the states included in Confederacy. They are called the south or the Confederates since they separated themselves from the north which was a result of the abolishment of slavery. During the times that they separated themselves from north, they developed their own culture with new customs, literature, music and even cuisines. They had been more industrialized and urban but they highly depend on the slaves to provide the work for them.

Interpretation of the South

            In 1900, Texas is the state with the largest population in the southern part of the United States while Wisconsin comes second. Texas has over 3 million residents, while Wisconsin has around 2 million. On the other hand, Wyoming had the least number of residents among the states in the south. Adding the number of total population in each state will give us around 15 million or more. Such a huge amount or residents but at the same tine, this includes the people who were literate and illiterate.

            In the South there had been a number of illiterate colored people. In 1900, Vermont had the least number of illiterates with only 108 persons while Virginia have around 213, 960 illiterates. Next to Virginia are Tennessee and Texas which has over a hundred thousand illiterates. However, these records will change in 1910 wherein there is a huge difference from the total population and the number of illiterate people from 1900 to 1910.

            While there are only 9 states comprising the South in 1900, by 1910, three more states were part of the Confederacy. Rhode Island, South Carolina and South Dakota became part of the South. This time, Wisconsin has the most number of populations while Wyoming is the last among the list of those with most number of people. However, this list is not complete with the changes in the number of illiterate people in the South.

            In 1900, Virginia has the most number of illiterates but in 1910, Texas comes first followed by Virginia. Vermont which has the least number of illiterates is next to Vermont by 1910 to have the least number of illiterates.


            Being one of the most powerful countries in present, United States of America had gone a long way already after being a colony of the Europeans. Instead of being defeated, the country stood up strong enough to fight for their land and make their property theirs alone. We cannot deny the fact that in spite of all the problems the country faced during the past years and decades, it remained as the leading country of the present with the ability to compete with the rest of the countries in the world.

            Like almost all the countries around the globe, America has their own share of stories but in the data gathered and analyze, we found out that like other countries, America though one of the most powerful and one of the richest country faced several trials also. Perfection is not in their vocabulary because like others, they too suffer from problems and mishaps which they try to face to minimize the damage it might cause.

            United States of America as the richest and most powerful country in present experienced a huge number of illiteracy in their states. Noting the states with the least and the most number of illiterates including the total population, we understand that neither do this powerful country was not able to establish the lives and the education of their people. However, it is not to be blamed on the government or the authority.

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