An Analysis of the Reasons for the War of 1812

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There were many reasons that lead to the war of 1812; the main reason was that British ships were attacking American vessels, which cause the President Jefferson to enact the embargo act, which banned all American vessels from sailing to foreign ports. When Madison became President, he adopted a new policy, which allowed trade to resume, but if France or Brittan did not stop interfering with the American ships, he could re-impose the embargo act. However, the British did not stop messing with the American ships so President Madison re-imposed the embargo act on trade with Britain. âliWith little to loose, since Britain controlled the seas, The French emperor Napoleon announced the he had repealed his decrees against neutral shipping. But the British continued to attack American vessels and with their navy hard-pressed for manpower, stepped up their impressment of American sailors. In the spring of 1812, Madison reimposed the embargo on trade with Britain. (Liberty 294)

By 1812, the attacks on American ships were continuing so President Madison asked congress to declare war. The war produced many victories over the British and the Indian who were fighting on the British side. The war ended when both the United States and Britain signed the Treaty of Ghent in 1814, but news of the treaty did not reach anyone until after the battle of New Orleans in 1815. By this time, with neither side wishing to continue the conflict the United States and Britain signed the Treaty of Ghent, ending the war. Although the treaty was signed on December 1814, ships carrying news of the agreement did not reach America until after the Battle of New Orleans had been fought.ali (Liberty 299) The outcome of the war you could say that America won but there was no exchanging of territory and the impressment of American sailors had not been addressed. The impact of the war was that Britain and Indians no longer posed a threat to American control. The war also broke the remaining power the Indians had in the North West and reduced holding of the south freeing up new lands to American settlers. Many white settlers went to Indiana, Michigan, Alabama and Mississippi. Americans sense of separateness from the old world became strong.

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With diplomatic affairs playing less and less of a role in American public life Americansâli sense of separateness fro the old world grew even stronger.all( Liberty 299) Jackson believed that Banks in Alabama would help to produce beautiful mansions and farms after a few years. all have no doubt Jackson wrote to his wife, but in a few years the banks of Alabama will present a beautiful view of elegant mansions and extensive rich and productive farmsalı (Liberty299) The war also strengthened Canadaâlls nationalism. War helped may people such as Jackson and Harrison into prominent political careers both of them became Vice president at one point. Many Americans call the war of 1812 the second war of independence because Britain was interfering with Americanâlis way of life. This was just one of the many wars that America had to fight throughout its time, but this war was need to show Britain that they just canâ it take what ever they want.

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